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If you do not want to face an avalanche of irritating pop-up advertisements, you certainly need to keep the system guarded against Adware.PriceGong. The suspicious application is also known as Pricegong Virus simply because it pretends to offer you great services, when in reality it simply exposes you to supported advertisements. Even though this may be harmless, you should never trust a program which uses a pay-per-click system to produce supposedly beneficial saving deals and offers. The program is officially represented at and it has been created by PriceGong Software Ltd. Does the program seem beneficial to you? Then continue reading to learn more and find out how to remove Adware.PriceGong manually. Read more »

Kaq.Pagerte ads

Kaq.Pagerte ads is an adware application that is associated with a number of browser extensions such as LyricsPal or FindLyrics. Although these extensions can be useful when you want to find lyrics to your favorite songs, they always come with something additional that is usually annoying and even dangerous. The same can be applied to Kaq.Pagerte ads - this program is not a direct computer threat, but the ads displayed by this program may contain links to corrupted websites that are part of malware distribution. Therefore, to prevent possible malware infection you have to remove Kaq.Pagerte ads and related extensions from your PC. Read more »

FindLyrics adware

FindLyrics adware is an adware application that is installed on your computer and your browser as a browser plug-in. It means that the application does not enter your computer surreptitiously. Chances are you download FindLyrics adware on your own, or via third party websites that distribute freeware bundled with additional installers for such plugins as FindLyrics adware. This plugin is also known as Adware AddLyrics, and officially at the site the plugin is said to display lyrics to the songs that you are listening to on YouTube. Nevertheless, the plugin is considered to be a potentially unwanted application and you are highly advised to remove it from your computer immediately. Read more »


Adware.Yabector is not an application you should keep running within your system because its main task is to trick you into visiting suspicious, potentially corrupted sites and to generate revenue for schemers. Spyware researchers at have discovered that the dangerous threat may travel to your operating system with the help of TrojanClicker:Win32/Yabector.gen. Needless to say, the devious infection has been developed by cyber criminals and they can utilize spam email attachments, fake video codecs, social engineering scams and similar security loopholes to infiltrate the malicious application. Of course, the existence of additional malware may aggravate Adware.Yabector removal; however, it is a must to delete the threat as soon as possible. Read more »


The file ibsvc.exe is a file that belongs to the software promoted by InstallBrain. The file is an update service, so its starts running whenever the users logs into Windows. Its function is to look for and download various updates for the existing programs. The application to which the file belongs is known to be detected by some security programs as adware. If your anti-virus program detects ibsvc.exe but cannot remove it, use SpyHunter which will also protect the PC against various unwanted applications and computer threats. Read more »


If you have discovered Servieca.vbs file within your operating Windows system, there is a great chance that your personal computer is infected with plenty of other malicious files as well. According to researchers, the file may span from 4.5K to 25K and it is usually found under %USERPROFILE%_2\Configuraci?n local\Temp\. Some spyware researchers may refer to the malicious file as Servieca Virus, Trojan:VBS/Autorun.B or Adware.WindowLivePot.A. As you can tell from these names, the malicious file may be used to aid a number of infections which are capable of different malign tasks. Read more »


If whenever you login into you Windows you find a pop-up error stating that YontooDesktop.exe cannot be executed, it is a sign that your computer contains an application published by Yontoo LLC. It is likely that your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have a browser extension or toolbar. If the startup entry in the Registry is modified by YontooDesktop.exe, the application will start running whenever the system loads. It is highly advisable to remove YontooDesktop.exe as it can be used for collecting information and displayed pop-up advertisements. Read more »


Zwangi is an adware application which you should remove from the computer once you learn about its presence. It can dramatically affect the performance of the computer by commencing a lot of various processes. As a result, you may notice that the CPU usage is very high or that your anti-virus program detects new computer infections every time you run a system scan. You may not suspect that this particular application is installed as it can use various files names to conceal itself. Needless to say, Read more »


If you have detected amt_ar_qvo6.exe on the operating Windows system, you should not hesitate about its removal. The malicious executable belongs to the infamous Qvo6 Virus which may corrupt your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers without much trouble. Even though the file can be downloaded onto the computer alongside bundled downloads and freeware, you may also activate if you browse and install related software. This is how a malicious browser hijacker is activated and important browser settings are reconfigured without any of your consent. Continue reading to find out how to recognize the infection and delete amt_ar_qvo6.exe from the PC. Read more »

Adware Helpers

If your operating Windows system is infected with malicious Adware Helpers, soon enough the screen of the computer could be flooded with various online ads and your Internet browsers could be modified. There are tens of different components which could be categorized as malignant advertisement aiders, including BHO, misleading extensions and cookies. In certain cases, these infections are equated to the vicious Backdoor.Win32.Rbot Trojan, and you should not hesitate about its removal for another second. Even though the entrance of spyware may be seemingly invisible, it is important that you run your Windows system safely. Read more »