What is Bridge.dll?

Bridge.dll is a file associated with adware. It is also known as a browser helper object (BHO), which is used for monitoring the user’s browsing session. If your receive warning informing you about the bridge.dll, your PC is likely to be infected with an adware application. One of the programs that can drop bridge.dll is Adware.WinFavorites, which, of course, creates its startup entry in the Registry. The removal of bridge.dll is a must in order to browse the Internet without being monitored by a third-party, which  may use the collected  information for various purposes.

Bridge.dll on the PC

Bridge.dll may get to the PC via various free applications. It means that it can get to the computer through the installers of free programs acquired from insecure sources. Note that very often it is not enough to remove only one file which is known to be related to the program in question. The adware program which drops bridge.dll also installs bridge.inf, winfavorites.exe, jao.dll, and a.exe, not to mention all those registry entries which are created in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive.

The adware application attempts to connect to and download files. As you may guess, in addition to bridge.dll, you should also get rid of the unwanted files that are downloaded without your consent.

How to remove bridge.dll?

As bridge.dll is related to some other files, you should scan the PC with a reliable spyware removal tool. By scanning the machine you will find out what other unwanted files have been downloaded and, of course, you will have them removed. We recommend that you implement SpyHunter as this real-time security tool can fully remove Adware.WinFavorites and secure the computer against various computer infections. Use this tool recommend by the team if you want to save your time, avoid unexpected expenses, and browse the Internet safely.

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