What is BabMaint.exe?

BabMaint.exe is an executable file representing various browser plugins which are available for your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. In some cases the executable is known as redirect.js or babmaint.x, and it has been noticed to run as a web-page redirector. This may manifest on your browsers once you are rerouted to unfamiliar sites or advertisements are opened in new tabs and windows. Even though this activity is not illegal, you are most likely to find it disturbing. It is not recommended that you run the executable on the operating Windows system, and if you wish to learn how to remove BabMaint.exe – continue reading.

How does BabMaint.exe act?

Before you learn what this component is capable of, you need to understand what an .exe file is. This type of component belongs to a family of executable files, alongside .bat, .com and .bin elements. Once you double-click the file with this extension, you run a certain program. It has been discovered that in many cases schemers use cloaked .exe files to trick you into running malicious codes, which is why you should always be careful about running them. If you do not want to worry about this, install a reliable spyware detection and removal tool which would delete the attacking threat before you even recognize an attack.

The suspicious BabMaint.exe is usually detected under %APPDATA% and its size may wary from 9.80K to 188.16K. This particular executable can be detected in computers located all over the world, including the U.K., Turkey, France or South Africa. The executable usually helps to launch Babylon Ltd. products including Babylon Toolbar and Delta-Search. These browser plugins are not as reliable as it may seem at first, and researchers recommend that you remove them without further delay. Note that these applications may track your virtual activities and collect information regarding online habits using web cookies. This later on could be sold to virtual marketeers. If you do not wish to be a part of such activity, you certainly need to remove BabMaint.exe.

How to remove BabMaint.exe?

Do you know how to delete this suspicious .exe file? Are you going to delete it manually? Maybe you are about to install an automatic spyware remover to clean up your system? You should choose the removal option which fits your needs and knowledge best. If you are experienced enough to track down the files related to the executable manually and you are certain you can guard the operating Windows system yourself – continue with the manual removal. Of course, this task is extremely difficult, and even expert Windows users entrust reliable software to guard their virtual security. If you want to have the file deleted and the PC guarded – install SpyHunter and keep it updated at all times. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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