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PriceBlink is a browser add-on which you can install on your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. It can be downloaded as a bundled download as such applications as Priceblink are very often promoted through bundled downloads. Moreover, the plug-in can be acquired from priceblink.com free of charge. Its function is to provide the user with the lowest price available from another retailer while browsing some online shop. If Priceblink has been installed unexpectedly and you want to remove it, you can do it by using a powerful spyware removal tool or by following the instructions provided below. Read more »

Tiger Savings

Tiger Savings is one of those browser extensions that are supposed to help you save money on your online purchase. This application provides an add-on that displays coupons on a selected number of online shopping websites. Whenever you land on a website supported by Tiger Savings, drop down menu appears on the top right corner of your browser from where you can choose any coupon or deal that would cater to your likes and preferences. Read more »

Coupon Pigeon

Coupon Pigeon is an application which works on such browsing tools as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It can be bundled with freeware or download from coupon-pigeon.com. In any case, Anti-Spyware-101.com team advices you to remove the application in order to prevent redirection to dubious websites as this application can provide you with links to third-party websites whose content may be unreliable. Read more »


If you find that your browser settings have been changed and that you receive pop-up advertisements related to PredictAd, we recommend you act immediately and remove this unwanted application. PredictAd or predictad.com is a platform for creating search completion tools.  This advertising service has software which can be bundled with freeware and if you have installed PredictAd accidentally, Anti-Spyware-101.com team recommends that you remove it from the PC and browsing tool due to some particular reasons. Read more »

Coupon Caddy

Coupon Caddy

Coupon Caddy is a browser add-on which is aimed at providing you with the best offers available on online merchants’ websites. The application displays various coupons and advertisements which are created according to your interests. The browser plug-in is available at coupon-caddy.com; however, it can also be bundled with other programs, so if you do not want to install unwanted applications accidentally, always pay attention to license agreement and other information provided so that you do not have to struggle to remove that program afterwards. If you have just found this program on your browser and want to remove it, below you will find a removal guide. Read more »

Smart Address Bar

Smart Address Bar is a browser add-on which is claimed to help you access a preferable website easily. It turns your address bar into a search box which presents various keywords related to the keyword you are typing in. The application has its official website; however, it can be downloaded from other sources, too. The browser add-on works on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, and it has been found that the latter browser does not have to be altered manually as the plug-in is removed from the browser as soon as it is uninstalled via Control Panel. Read more »

Download Savings Removal

Download Savings is a browser extension which is often categorized as a potentially unwanted program because of the ability to enter a computer alongside freeware. Have you acquired beneficial programs bundled in one download before? It does not mean that all of them are legitimate and secure to use. Needless to say, Anti-Spyware-101.com would not report a program if it was not suspicious. Whether you are thinking about downloading the add-on or it is already running on your personal computer, it is advised that you read the report. It is important to recognize the risks involved within using the application. In fact, you even might decide to delete Download Savings or at least use it more cautiously. Additionally, we provide manual removal instructions. Read more »

Savings Magnet

One of the browser extensions Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers recommend avoiding is Savings Magnet. The program has been developed to assist you when shopping online, as it supposedly accumulates and displays various online coupons and saving deals. Even though the browser add-on, which is applicable to IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers, seems extraordinarily beneficial, there are some disconcerting facts regarding your virtual privacy when using it. Read more »

Savings Addon

Savings Addon

If you wish to browse the web without any hidden risks, Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers recommend having Savings Addon removed from the computer. The program can be applied on the most popular Internet browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, from savingsaddon.com. The application has been created by the same developers (215 Apps and Innovative Apps) who released Vidsaver, Savings Explorer, Read more »

Vidsaver Adware

Vidsaver is a potentially unwanted application which can be downloaded onto Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers from vid-saver.com. Some computer security experts categorize the program as adware because it may collect information regarding your browsing History and share it with third-party members who could flood your PC with various online ads and pop-ups. According to Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers, you should not rely on the program to provide you with reliable services. It would be best to delete Vidsaver from the computer, but how can this be done? Please continue reading to find out what removal tactics you should exercise in order to get rid of the add-on. Read more »