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If you like sharing files, you may find the Frostwire tool useful because of its characteristics enabling you to perform various functions. However, you should use this tool cautiously because some cases show that unwanted program can be installed alongside Frostwire. In order to avoid possible damage to the system, we recommend you to uninstall the program and remove all potential threats. Read more »


Even though ScorecardResearch.com is a seemingly reliable and secure source offering online marketing services, you should not trust it without wariness. The source can implement tracking cookies to record your virtual actions. Even though such practice is not strange when talking about online marketing, you need to be extremely cautious when facing redirecting to b.scorecardresearch.com or scorecardresearch.com because this is a sign of illegal activity. Right now, Anti-Spyware-101.com team recommends implementing automatic threat detection and removal tools to scan your computer. Read more »


TornTV is a program that can be utilized to stream and download online videos. Even though you can acquire the application from torntv.com, it does not mean that you can trust it without raising any questions. In fact, before you decide to install any program onto the computer, you need to investigate first. You should be extremely wary of who developed the tool, which programs are linked to it or what dangers could be related to it. Unfortunately, the program is potentially unwanted and you need to be extremely carefully when running it. In fact, you may even want to remove TornTV from your operating Windows system. Read more »

Online HD TV hijacker

Online HD TV hijacker is a browser extension which many computer users have found troublesome. The software called TornTV can be downloaded from its official website online-hd.tv and installed as an extension whose shortcut will be placed on your desktop. Even thought the application may seem to be attractive and promising, some users may find this extension installed without their knowledge and approval. This may happen due to CouponDropDown, which is another unwanted program generating various pop-up ads. Read more »


DealCabby is a browser plug-in which many users find annoying due to its characteristics. This browser extension may be installed along with freeware or by the user after downloading it from DealCabby.com. More specifically, DealCabby also refers to a toolbar which appears on the right hand corner of your browsers. As soon as the plug-in is installed, pop-up message and redirects are generated. Do you want to eliminate all of this? Read more »


Conduit search engine and community toolbar extensions are quite popular with IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users. Unfortunately, the Conduit  developers are aware of the add-on popularity and can implement extremely devious processes to make your browsing experience nearly unbearable. Do you want your browsing redirected to suspicious and dangerous web sources? Do you find the possibility of surreptitious malware installation harmless? Well, this is exactly what you will need to face if you do not rush to remove Conduit redirect infection from your computer. Read more »

MyStart by IncrediBar

MyStart by IncrediBar is a malicious browser add-on that often is referred to as a browser hijacker, because of its abilities to take control over your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or other Internet browsers. The infection can thrive within a computer and your browser, even if protected by legal, automatic malware detection and removal software. This is because the application is not categorized as malicious, and only up-to-date security tools like SpyHunter can discover and delete MyStart by IncrediBar. Continue reading to find out more about the malicious application. Read more »

Remove Incredibar

Normally we would expect a browser extension to improve the overall browsing quality. However, if you install Incredibar on your computer, you will most probably suffer from various hindrances and interferences, because Incredibar is a browser helper object, and it comes with many other applications that do upgrade your browser at all. On the contrary - Incredibar comes with additional adware programs that spam you with undesirable commercial advertisements in order to generate revenue for third party websites. Read more »

Certified Toolbar

Certified Toolbar is a two-faced browser plugin, because it can offer you legal search engine services and, on the other hand, can be utilized as a browser hijacker. Even though the application is legitimate and authentic, it supports itself by promoting various web sources, some of which can be linked to cyber criminals. One of the signs indicating that the program is malicious Read more »

Cool Web Search Toolbar

Cool web search toolbar, also known as CWS toolbar and CoolWebSearch toolbar, is a cunning browser hijacker which you will find very annoying, and it is very likely that soon after its installation you will decide that you need to remove it from the system. The hijacker infects Internet Explorer and causes a lot of trouble to computer users, because as many malicious unwanted hijackers, this fraudulent extension changes the homepage of a browser and replaces search result websites with ones irrelevant to your search keywords. Read more »