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iMesh Toolbar

iMesh Toolbar

Even though many computer users refer to iMesh Toolbar as a browser extension, it would be much more logical to call it a collection of different browser extensions and programs. Once you click on the download button placed on imesh.com, you are prompted with an extensive installation wizard. Here you can choose to set search.imesh.net as your home page, install Search-Results Toolbar, Torch Browser and reconfigure browser settings. Read more »

Blekko Search

Blekko Search

Many computer users all over the world use Blekko Search in order to surf the web more conveniently. If you are a registered search engine user, you are allowed to perform personal searches using the innovative slashtag system. Even though the entire Blekko experience seems truly beneficial and safe, Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers warn that Blekko Search plugins may travel alongside bundled downloads and may even be unwelcome in your operating system. Read more »

Mixmeister Toolbar

Mixmeister Toolbar is a browser plugin that comes with Mixmeister DJ Mixing software when you download the trial versions on third-party websites. The toolbar itself might be inserted in the Mixmeister's installation file by various developers. The qualities of Mixmeister Toolbar depends on which toolbar gets installed. Users have reported that upon the installation of Mixmeister products, their homepages have been changed to search.conduit.com. Read more »


SavingsApp coupons, or SavingsApp, is a browser add-on which is you can acquire in two ways. You can either download it from savings-app.com or get it installed alongside freeware to which the add-on was installed. In either case, you probably want to remove it from your PC because of the annoying ads that pop up while you are surfing the Internet. If it has arrived at your PC with some suspicion toolbar, do not get surprised if you find your browsers hijacked. Here you will find out how to remove SavingsApp so that you are no longer provided with unwanted advertisements and offers. Read more »



Search.fbdownloader.com is a potentially unwanted, intrusive search engine which is set as your home page and your default search engine after you visit fbdownloader.com and install FBDownloader. The program is meant to allow you download “an unlimited number of Facebook photos (at one time)”; however, you may disagree with the browser setting changes which follow the installation. According to Anti-Spyware-101.com computer threat researchers, Read more »

Appbario Toolbar

Appbario Toolbar is a browser extension that is created, developed and mainly distributed by Conduit Ltd. The toolbar can be used to improve Internet browsing experience, although its efficiency can be debatable. This toolbar is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Internet browsers, but it gets installed on that browser that you use to download the toolbar. Read more »

Ginyas Browser Companion

Ginyas Browser Companion is a browser extension that official helps users to collect coupon deals from such online shopping websites as ToysRUs, Omega, eBay, Expedia, Otto and so on. This plug-in is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome web-browsers. Ginyas Browser Companion is available at ginyas.com, but it can also be installed together with freeware, and thus it is categorized as potentially unwanted application, because of its intrusive nature. It would be for the best to remove Ginyas Browser Companion from your computer. Read more »


Akkreditivsearch.net presents itself as a global search engine, but a lot of users online complain that a third party program that is directly related to      the website is redirecting their searches and changes their homepage to Akkreditivsearch.net. As a result it is possible to categorize this program and the site as browser hijacker, considering that user searches are being redirected. It is highly recommended to remove Akkreditivsearch.net as soon as possible, because it might be responsible for distributing other types of malware onto your computer. Read more »

2YourFace Adware

2YourFace is a browser add-on which is said to help you save money as with this application you can make free video and phone calls on FaceBook and play one-on-one games. However, everything is not as good as it seems. 2YourFace can provide you with advertisements redirecting you to other websites, which may cause you a drive-by download which can result in the infection of the PC. Anti-Spyware-101.com Read more »

Iminent Community Toolbar

Iminent Community Toolbar is a browser extension developed by Conduit. It installs a toolbar on your browser, and it can be applied for all main browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The toolbar provides user with radio application, bookmarks and a list of emoticons user can choose from to use them instant chats and email messages. Based on which version of the Iminent Community Toolbar you install on your computer, you can also get a new search engine and receive news announcement pop-ups on your desktop. Read more »