What is FTDownloader?

FTDownloader is a legitimate tool that allows you to manage your downloads, pausing them and resuming them whenever you see fit. It seems to be a useful and absolutely harmless application, but due to its nature it may be exploited by potentially unwanted programs. If you do not remember having installed FTDownloader on your computer, but it is still there, and you are continuously assaulted by various ads and offers, then it is very likely that the application came bundled with freeware. In such a case, you are strongly advised to remove FTDownloader from your system along with other potentially dangerous applications.test

Where does FTDownloader come from?

Technically, FTDownloader can be classified as adware, and it should have been available for download at its official website at ftdownloader.com. However, currently the download function is unavailable, so it is curious as to how users still get this tool installed on your computers.

The answer to that is bundled downloads. There is a number of freeware applications that arrive with additional applications in their setup, and this is how FTDownloader could get installed on your PC as well. For example, FTDownloader has been associated with SweetIM search and Delta Search engines that are often considered to be potentially dangerous to system security due to their intrusive nature.

What does FTDownloader do?

The download manager itself is not dangerous, but it could be related to third party advertising platform, that would make use of it to promote their own content. In such a case the application that is being used cannot be held responsible for whatever content is being displayed, because their privacy policy does not cover ads by third parties. FTDownloader is just like that – technically it is not dangerous, but it could be manipulated by malicious third parties to display ads with outgoing links to corrupted websites and what not. What is more, additional applications might collect data on your web browsing history and later on use it for marketing purposes. In the long run you could get exposed to malware infections.

How to remove FTDownloader?

Since it is an adware application, it would be for the best to scan your computer with SpyHunter free scanner and then remove all the detected malware files with a licensed antimalware tool. Keep in mind, that even if you remove and uninstall all the FTDownloader-related freeware applications, there is no guarantee that all the adware files will be deleted from your computer. Therefore, it is for the best to opt for automatic malware removal in this case, and invest in a reliable security application to safeguard your PC.

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