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Coupons by QuickShare

Coupons by QuickShare is a computer application which can cause you a lot of trouble. More precisely, Coupons by QuickShare is a browser add-on which is supposed to save your money as it displays various offers, deals, and advertisements while you are browsing the Internet. It is installed as QuickShare Widget and you can find it as a browser add-on on your browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Some malware analytics call it adware because of the advertisements which are constantly generated and you might treat this add-on as an unwanted application at it can be bundled with various free programs. Read more »

Superfish Window Shopper

Superfish Window Shopper

Superfish Window Shopper, or simply WindowShopper, is one of those browser extensions which you should run extremely carefully. The application is available from superfish.com, and you can install it onto Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. This program is meant to help you shop online for less money, with the help of virtual coupons and various saving deals. Despite this, you must realize that even legitimate and honest applications can be targeted by schemers and their deceptive tricks. Therefore, you should be extremely careful about how you run your PC, what security defenders you use and what risk certain applications could raise. If you want to delete Superfish Window Shopper, you can use the manual removal instructions below. Read more »

Delta Search Redirect to Delta-search.com

Delta Search Redirect to Delta-search.com

Delta Search  is a browser hijacker that redirects user to Delta Search affiliated websites without user's permission. It is closely related to click.livesearch.com and websearch.mocaflix.com fake search engines. It might seem that Delta Search Redirect provides decent search function, but the truth is that it only uses a customized version of a well-known search engine. What is more, Delta Search Redirect displays advertisements on its main page, Read more »

Ask Toolbar

Ask Toolbar is a browser add-on created by the developers of Ask search engine. The toolbar is usually acquired accidentally as very often it comes bundled with free programs available at insecure websites. Some computer users think that they have not installed Ask Toolbar even though they have downloaded and installed a program to whose installer the toolbar was attached. If you do not pay attention to the software installation dialog windows, you can miss check box allowing you to choose not to install a toolbar. Read more »


According to Anti-Spyware-101.com malware researchers, Bandoo is an unreliable add-on that supposedly can better your browsing activities and produce safe services. Even though Bandoo Media Inc. may have no control over some actions performed through the extension, it can be blamed for low security protocols which are meant to guard private data collected. Do not be mesmerized by the colorful and entertaining emoticons because they hide possible threat to your virtual security. We recommend having Bandoo deleted from your operating Windows system, and if you are having issues with removal – read further to find more information. Read more »

My Freeze

My Freeze is an unwanted application which you will surely notice because of the changes made in your browser. My Freeze is treated as a browser hijacker as it changes the home page of the browsers and attempts to redirect you to random websites which might contain dangerous computer infections. Do not get surprise if your anti-virus tool cannot detect My Freeze because its presence can be concealed by one of its components hijachthis.exe. A lot of users cannot remove this hijacker using anti-virus programs; hence Anti-Spyware-101.com team recommends that you scan the PC with SpyHunter which will delete My Freeze at once. Read more »

MyWebFace Toolbar

MyWebFace Toolbar

MyWebFace Toolbar is a browser add-on for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The toolbar is available at its official website mywebface.mywebsearch.com; however, it might occur that the toolbar will come along with free programs if you do not uncheck the appropriate boxed regarding the installation of MyWebFace Toolbar. Read more »


Search.us.com  is an unwanted application classified as a browser hijacker even though computer users install it as a browser extension. The malware is installed into the system alongside free programs to which installers have the unwanted application attached. As the hijacker presents unreliable websites while you are browsing the Internet, you should remove it from the system to prevent further infections which may lead to data or money loss. Read more »

Cursor Mania Toolbar

Cursor Mania Toolbar is a browser plugin that is developed by Mindspark Interactive Network. It is closely related to myWebSearch Toolbar and as a result, it might cause some problem if it is misused by a third party. Originally Cursor Mania Toolbar is used to change the icon of the mouse cursor while the user browses the Internet. Despite the fact that the toolbar could prove to be useful, it is advised to remove Cursor Mania Toolbar from your computer, because it can redirect you to the websites of malicious content. Read more »


iLivid.com is a website where you can download and install iLivid browser toolbar on your computer. This browser toolbar is supposed to help you download various videos from media websites. However, iLivid exhibits intrusive behavior that can hardly be attributed to a legitimate program. Although it does not infect your computer with malware, you are encouraged to exercise caution while using this toolbar and it would be for the best to fully remove iLivid from your computer. Read more »