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Cursor Mania Toolbar

Cursor Mania Toolbar is a browser plugin that is developed by Mindspark Interactive Network. It is closely related to myWebSearch Toolbar and as a result, it might cause some problem if it is misused by a third party. Originally Cursor Mania Toolbar is used to change the icon of the mouse cursor while the user browses the Internet. Despite the fact that the toolbar could prove to be useful, it is advised to remove Cursor Mania Toolbar from your computer, because it can redirect you to the websites of malicious content. Read more »


iLivid.com is a website where you can download and install iLivid browser toolbar on your computer. This browser toolbar is supposed to help you download various videos from media websites. However, iLivid exhibits intrusive behavior that can hardly be attributed to a legitimate program. Although it does not infect your computer with malware, you are encouraged to exercise caution while using this toolbar and it would be for the best to fully remove iLivid from your computer. Read more »

MyStart Incredibar

MyStart Incredibar is a browser add-on program that is often categorized as a browser hijacker due to its intrusive behavior and resistance to removal. If a user installs this toolbar unwittingly it will reconfigure his browser settings in order to redirect the user to affiliated websites. Generally, upon MyStart Incredibar installation, your browser default settings are changed and your homepage is changed to Mystart.incredibar.com. Read more »


PageRage is an application which is said to enhance your Facebook profile. The browser extension, which can be installed on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers, enables the user to select a background for his/her Facebook account. Unfortunately, if you want your friends to see your customized profile, they should have the Yontoo platform installed. In addition to this feature, PageRage poses some problems to computer users. If you are one of those who cannot get rid of annoying advertisements, keep on reading. Read more »


DoubleClick is a browser plug-in that provides Internet advertising services and officially is a subsidiary of Google. Its main focus is on uploading ads. However, DoubleClick makes use of tracking cookies to monitor users' browsing activity and check which adds they view exactly. A lot of users have been complaining that they cannot remove DoubleClick even when they try to opt-out option offered by the company. If that is your case as well, it means that DoubleClick has been exploited by a third party and it must be deleted by a computer security program. Read more »

Privacy SafeGuard

Privacy SafeGuard is a malicious BHO that is presented under the pretense of a legitimate browser extension. The application is available for Google Chrome users, and if you have already utilized it, Anti-Spyware-101.com suggests you delete it before your browser becomes corrupted. Do not think that the tool can provide “Complete protection for your privacy and your computer’s health”, as this simply is a marketing trick. If you do not want Privacy SafeGuard removal to become your problem, you should not even think about installing it. Nonetheless, if it is too late, this report will help you deal with the irritating infection. Read more »


If you like sharing files, you may find the Frostwire tool useful because of its characteristics enabling you to perform various functions. However, you should use this tool cautiously because some cases show that unwanted program can be installed alongside Frostwire. In order to avoid possible damage to the system, we recommend you to uninstall the program and remove all potential threats. Read more »


Even though ScorecardResearch.com is a seemingly reliable and secure source offering online marketing services, you should not trust it without wariness. The source can implement tracking cookies to record your virtual actions. Even though such practice is not strange when talking about online marketing, you need to be extremely cautious when facing redirecting to b.scorecardresearch.com or scorecardresearch.com because this is a sign of illegal activity. Right now, Anti-Spyware-101.com team recommends implementing automatic threat detection and removal tools to scan your computer. Read more »


TornTV is a program that can be utilized to stream and download online videos. Even though you can acquire the application from torntv.com, it does not mean that you can trust it without raising any questions. In fact, before you decide to install any program onto the computer, you need to investigate first. You should be extremely wary of who developed the tool, which programs are linked to it or what dangers could be related to it. Unfortunately, the program is potentially unwanted and you need to be extremely carefully when running it. In fact, you may even want to remove TornTV from your operating Windows system. Read more »

Online HD TV hijacker

Online HD TV hijacker is a browser extension which many computer users have found troublesome. The software called TornTV can be downloaded from its official website online-hd.tv and installed as an extension whose shortcut will be placed on your desktop. Even thought the application may seem to be attractive and promising, some users may find this extension installed without their knowledge and approval. This may happen due to CouponDropDown, which is another unwanted program generating various pop-up ads. Read more »