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Simppull Toolbar

There are a lot of dangerous computer infections that look like useful programs and plug-ins. Simppull Toolbar is a browser hijacker that comes in a form of browser add-on. At first, it might seem as though it helps you to browse the Internet and find the things you want easier, but if you try removing Simppull Toolbar from your computer, you will see that this toolbar resists the removal, as it does not have an uninstall utility. Read more »


Search.autocompletepro.com is a potentially harmful browser plugin that is represented as a regular search engine that you can use to surf the web. From first sight, Search.autocompletepro.com will not raise any questions, especially since it offers you to browse Web, Videos, Images and Twitter just like any other reliable search system. This, however, is just a tricky exterior that can hide surreptitious cyber criminals’ scams. The malicious application may use drive-by downloads Read more »

Alot Toolbar

It can be highly irritating to have Alot Toolbar installed within your Internet browser, as this add-on automatically changes your preferred home page and floods you with a ton of unwanted advertisements. This low-level risk toolbar may seem as highly helpful and attractive at first sight, as it can offer you personalized browsing experience, determined by a specific toolbar you choose to install, whether it be revolving around music, cooking or worldwide news. Read more »