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CouponAmazing is a browser plugin which has been developed by Adpeak, Inc. The application may seem to act as an adware program because it floods your browsers with allegedly authentic online coupons and money saving deals. Couponamazing.com is the official website representing the add-on and, as research shows, the installer of the application is silent. This means that if you click the Upgrade Your Browsers Now button you will not be presented with a setup. One click is enough for Adpeak to install a plugin on your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. So, should you trust the application or should you delete CouponAmazing from the PC and web browsers? Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers recommend that you delete it from the computer. Read more »

LinkSwift Ads

LinkSwift Ads is an allegedly beneficial plugin which is meant to provide you with authentic and useful virtual coupons and reviews. The plugin is available from linkswift.co/review; however, it is likely that the suspicious application will also be installed together with bundled software. Have you already noticed this? Then you must figure out whether you have been informed with any changes or software installation. If you have not, there is a chance that other much more dangerous and clandestine programs have corrupted your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome browsers and the operating Windows system. In some cases, the browser add-on is not highly irritating, as it may present pop-up ads and coupons when you are browsing online shopping websites. Therefore, you may recognize the existence of the plugin hours or even days after being installed. Do you want to remove LinkSwift Ads from the computer? Continue reading to learn more about the suspicious application and its removal. Read more »


BrowserDefender.dll is a file that belongs to Browser Defender that you may found on your PC after having installed some browser extensions. The file is known to be from PerformerSoft LLC and it is dropped to a new folder in the Program Files directory. It is advisable to remove BrowserDefender.dll from the computer for it is associated with various unwanted advertisements. More specifically, the file in question is very often found attached to Conduit toolbars, which can change the settings of the browser, including the default search engine and the home page of the browsers. Note that you may encounter unwanted advertisements on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Read more »

MyScrapNook Toolbar

MyScrapNook Toolbar

Even though some spyware researchers indicate MyScrapNook Toolbar as a browser hijacker, Anti-Spyware-101.com experts can guarantee that this is just a plugin which cannot corrupt your browsers if you do not allow it. As research shows, the plugin can be installed from free.myscrapnook.com/index.jhtml, and the reason why some call the program malicious is because of the automatic installation of Ask Web Search tools. Many PC users pay little attention to the installation process, which results in the activation of undesirable software. If you did pay attention you would have noticed that you can choose to install or refuse the search tools. Of course, we can help you remove Ask search applications. Additionally, we can help you delete MyScrapNook Toolbar if you have found the plugin worthless and space-wasting. Please continue reading the report to find out all about the removal processes. Read more »

TotalRecipeSearch toolbar

TotalRecipeSearch toolbar is a browser plugin which has been developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. The toolbar has been created to provide you with easy access links to various websites specializing in home cooking and recipes. In the official page (totalrecipesearch.com) of this Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox plugin it is stated that the tool can help you access free recipes gathered from cooking shows, websites, magazines or cookbooks. If you are passionate about home cooking you may think that this is exactly the program you should install onto your operating Windows system. While the plugin may be completely harmless, you need to be aware that it could lead you to unreliable sources. What is more, it could convince you to install unreliable third-party search tools. Please continue reading to learn if and how you should delete TotalRecipeSearch toolbar and related software. Read more »

Television Fanatic toolbar

Television Fanatic toolbar

Television Fanatic Toolbar is a browser plugin that is often considered a potentially unwanted program. There are several browser extensions called Television Fanatic, and almost all of them are used to stream TV shows via personal computer. However, Television Fanatic Toolbar does not seem to be related to any of them, as the toolbar comes from a group of browser plugins that eventually could prove to be dangerous to your system. Therefore, users are always encouraged to remove Television Fanatic Toolbar and similar extensions from their computers, preventing various malicious infections from entering their computers. Read more »


StrongVault is a free application that promotes itself as a reliable files back-up program that you can use to automatically backup your files. It claims that 100% of hard drives eventually crash, so if you want to protect your photos for free, you should make use of StrongVault. Unfortunately, this free application is often considered to be a potentially unwanted program, because it is related to various security issues. Although it is not a malicious infection itself, in the long run it could expose your system to dangerous threats, and thus you should remove StrongVault as soon as possible. Read more »

Dealio Toolbar

Dealio Toolbar

Dealio Toolbar is a browser add-on that is promoted by Spigot. The toolbar is also available at software.informer.com, brothersoft.com, updatestar.com, and some other free software websites. It has been found that the toolbar is bundled with third-party applications, which are very often categorized as potentially unwanted programs or adware. As you may tell, it is important to become acquainted with the terms of use and uncheck or check particular boxes in order to prevent unwanted consequences. When you install an unwanted program, do not keep it on the PC but remove it from the computer as soon as possible. Read more »

TidyNetwork virus

TidyNetwork is not necessary a virus; however, it certainly acts as a potentially unwanted program. If you land on tidynetwork.com you are introduced to the so-called Virtual Layer Advertising platform, which is supposed to help you save time and money when browsing the web. It is promised that the browser plugin available from the site can highlight exclusive deals without any charge, which is why many Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users have already installed it onto their PCs. As soon as you click the download button and hit Run the add-on is installed without introducing you to any installation setups. Even though the installer is ‘silent’ you can find the privacy policies related to the plugin at the bottom of the download page. We strongly recommend that you read this document to find out how your security is handled by the plugin. Do you want to delete TidyNetwork virus? This is what we recommend, and so you should continue reading. Read more »

Softonic-Eng Toolbar

Softonic-Eng Toolbar is a browser plugin that is not a direct system threat, but it should not be allowed to stay on your computer. It can be considered a potentially unwanted program due to the fact that in the long run it exposes your system to dangerous infections, and you could end up with a serious Trojan or a virus on your computer eventually. Not to mention that it interferes with your browsing process and it is extremely annoying. Remove Softonic-Eng Toolbar from your computer and then make sure that there are no other potentially unwanted programs installed. Read more »