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Windows Daily Adviser

Windows Daily Adviser

Since your personal computer stores highly private and important data, sure enough you will be tempted to trust Windows Daily Adviser and its proclaimed capabilities to remove malware. Nonetheless, this antispyware program is absolutely bogus and has no protective qualities or abilities to delete such infections as malware downloading Trojans or unstoppable, irritating adware. Windows Daily Adviser’s disguise is pretty great, and unless you are an experienced Windows user, you are likely not to notice much difference between a real security tool and the fake Windows Daily Adviser which is a clone of Windows Safety Module fake application. Read more »

Windows Safety Module

Windows Safety Module

Windows Safety Module is an insecure program, and if it presents such threats as P2P-Worm.Wind32 and Backdoor.Win32.Rrob, you should ignore them and delete Windows Safety Module as quickly as possible. These parasites do exist in reality, but if they are detected by Windows Safety Module, they should not be believed as harmful. Do no try to get rid of those fake threats, because they might not even exist on your computer.  The only infection, which has to be removed from the computer, is Windows Safety Module, and you should not delay its removal. Read more »

Windows Smart Warden

Windows Smart Warden

Never believe anything Windows Smart Warden has to say. This malicious rogue antispyware application is only out to rip you off, while leaving you with nothing of value in return. It was designed by criminals, the creators of former Windows Protection Master, only interested in stealing your money while not benefiting your PC in the least. When all is said and done, this rogue antispyware application will not be able to detect or remove any type of threat from your PC, but will certainly cause more damage than good. Read more »

Intelinet Smart Security 3.1.0

Purge Intelinet Smart Security 3.1.0 from your computer immediately, because this malicious application brings nothing but bad news. It is a so-called rogue antispyware that can trick users into believing it is a genuine computer safeguard program. Needless to say, that Intelinet Smart Security 3.1.0 is nothing like that, and it will steal your money once you give the chance to. Read more »

Antivirii 2011

You don’t want to have anything to do with Antivirii 2011, because this is a new variant of the Antivirus Clean 2011 rogue application. To sum up,  it is a rogue antispyware program that will destroy your computer if you allow it to settle down and take over. Read more »

Win 7 Security 2012

Win 7 Security 2012 is a malicious computer threat that spreads with the help of fake online advertisements and the so-called blackhat SEO technique. To put it simply, Win 7 Security 2012 is a rogue antispyware application that looks and behaves like a real antivirus program, but it is very far from being one. Read more »

Vista Security 2012

Do not underestimate hackers even if you are using the latest antivirus program. Rogue antispyware products like Vista Security 2012 can easily get into your system, because not only does it apply stealth in infiltrating the target computer, it also uses fraud. It pretends to be a legitimate security program in order to trick the innocent user into believing that it can solve all the security-related problems. Read more »

XP Security 2012

If you have XP Security 2012 saying that it can fix your most serious problems then you are most definitely experiencing a serious setback, because XP Security 2012 is nothing but a dangerous rogue antispyware application. It was created by cyber criminals to get into your computer without your knowledge and then create as many problems as possible so that it would seem to you that there is no other way out of the situation but to use XP Security 2012 to get rid of the viruses. Read more »

Vista Antispyware 2012

Vista Antispyware 2012 is the latest rogue anti-spyware application, which was designed to attempt to dupe unsuspecting PC users into believing their dubious tactics to be true, and ultimately persuade them into purchasing the full version of this nefarious application. Read more »

Error Repair Professional

If you are looking for a powerful security tool able to protect your PC from known and unknown threats then you will certainly want to steer well clear of Error Repair Professional. This rogue antispyware application was designed not to offer any benefit to a PC but instead to act as a surreptitious tool to rip PC owners off. It will do everything in its power to win the trust of the user, only to falsely convince him that his system is being attacked and that he needs to pay for Error Repair Professional to protect his PC. Read more »