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Genius Box

Genius Box

Genius Box is a browser add-on which is aimed at enhancing your browsing experience. The application works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Genius Box can be acquired at and other websites, including and Additionally, the application in question can also be bundled with free programs, so if you have already installed Genius Box accidentally, the next time you should pay close attention to the information you are provided with as you may be offered to install some browser add-on or toolbar, which is difficult to remove. Read more » is a browser hijacker that you are definitely better off without. It comes in a shape of a search engine and it looks like a legitimate website that can provide a reliable search function. However, apart from the search, also displays commercial advertisements on its homepage and it is a general knowledge that the website does not review these third party ads before displaying them. These advertisements are only one of the reasons why you should be weary of this website. If your home page is changed to, remove the application right now, in order to protect yourself from dangerous malware infections. Read more »

Adware.Arcade Safari

Adware.Arcade Safari refers to the application, or browser add-on, which is installed from, a free online gaming website. The so-called adware program is installed when the user wants to play free premium games. It is indicated that Arcade Safari is an ad-supported application, which means that you will be provided with advertisements related to online games and your interests. Read more »

Internet Security Plus

Internet Security Plus

Internet Security Plus is a fake antivirus program and infects your system behind your back and then pops up into action, pretending to be a reliable antimalware application. The main reason why you are infected with this rogue antispyware or fake AV is money. Recently the main objective of computer infections and the cyber criminals who create them is money, so the rogue is there to make an attempt on your savings. Remove Internet Security Plus before it manages to cause a great damage to your system, because the longer the rogue stays on your system, the bigger the risk of a complete system crash. Read more »


Once your operating Windows system becomes infected with the malicious Trojan.Stookit, you may notice that the PC is running unbearably slowly. Unfortunately, in the beginning, this may be the only symptom signaling about the existence of a seriously dangerous threat. The clandestine Trojan does not have an interface and it may enter your personal computer through a variety of different security cracks. For example, the schemers behind the threat may distribute it using spam email attachments or fake video codecs. As soon as you execute the attachment or the installation file of the malicious program, malignant files are infiltrated onto the computer. Read more »


Adware.Vdownloader is an application that can download online videos onto your computer and then convert them into a format you prefer. It may seem to be a fairly useful application, but unfortunately Adware.Vdownloader is often categorized as adware and potentially unwanted program. Security experts say that the program itself is not exactly dangerous, but should you install this program onto your PC, there could be other implications that would result in various security risks. Thus, you should remove Adware.Vdownloader from your computer as soon as possible, and then prevent similar applications from enter your system. Read more » is a website that may cause you a number of problems if you continue visiting it. If visit the website you will see that it promotes free dynamic DNS that “gives you the ability to redirect your domain name to anywhere at any time”. It may seem that the website is a useful tool for those who want to make use of the Internet potentially, when you are strongly advised to remove and everything related to the website from your computer immediately. Sooner or later this website may become responsible for malware applications entering your PC, so you should not wait until that happens. Read more »


When a computer application is installed, different files associated with it can be located in particular locations. Sprotector.dll is a file which is associated with browsers add-on which generates coupons and offers. More precisely, it can be installed by ContinueToSave Toolbar, also known as Continue2save, and Browse to save browser add-on.  There are different variants of sprotector.dll, which can also be installed alongside other programs. If your anti-virus program has detected the file but failed to delete it, you should rely on a professional spyware removal tool that is powerful enough to remove Sprotector.dll from the PC. Read more »

Browser Protect virus

Browser Protect virus is a computer application that is said to protect your browsers against browser hijackers which alters the settings of home page and search provider. The application has its interface and does not install any browser add-on when downloaded from the official website. The so-called Browser Protect virus is available on its official website and other websites. Moreover, it can be promoted via bundled downloads, which means that while running the installer of a free program, you may be advised to install Browser Protect software. Read more »

PC Health Kit

PC Health Kit

If after installing freeware the suspicious PC Health Kit has popped up on the desktop of your personal computer, you certainly need to remove this program from your Windows system. Even though the product developed by PC Help Labs can be installed from the official source, it usually travels as a bundled download. The application is often categorized as a rogue registry cleaner or a fake system optimizer because its services are unreliable and useless. In case you have installed the tool yourself hoping that it will clean the Registry, increase PC speeds or protect your virtual identity, you have been tricked. Even though the tool may provide some authentic services, it may remove harmless files and registry keys, or simply miss the real issues. So, how should you delete PC Health Kit? Read more »