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Windows Software Protection

PC users should be wary of Windows Software Protection because it is a malicious rogue antispyware which can enter your computer’s system any time. It might look like a genuine security program, but this application does not live up to the user’s expectations. You will be ripped off by Windows Software Protection before you know it. What is more, along with the money loss the malware will also reduce the performance of your computer. Read more »

Windows Health Center

Windows Health Center is a program, we discovered, that is being pushed around the internet to random computer users that have some trojan infection. In the event that Windows Health Center should gain access to your computer, you need to be prepared. You should always have up to date software as well as learn how to detect it so that you can delete Windows Health Center immediately from your computer system should the need arise. If you receive computer security notifications as well as vast amounts of pop ups then this could be a telling sign that your computer system is at risk. If you see a system scan which produces scan report results then this is a very high indicating factor that your PC is in fact infected with Windows Health Center. Read more »

Windows Antispyware Solution

Windows Antispyware Solution is a harmful rogue antispyware application out only to rip consumers off. It has no intention to live up to any of its over embellished promises, and will leave you with nothing more than an empty shell for your hard earned money. This harmful fake security application makes use of various nefarious ways to infiltrate its victims’ PCs, including fake malware scanners and bundled security updates and downloads obtained from third party websites. Browser hijackers are another popular way to spread the Windows Antispyware Solution infection, as they forcefully redirect users’ browsing sessions to their harmful sites where they seditious deposit the Windows Antispyware Solution Trojans into the host PCs. Read more »

Fake AVG AntiVirus 2011

The sad reality of Fake AVG AntiVirus 2011 is that it will never help your computer system no matter how much it tries to convince you of this. All the tactics which are used by Fake AVG AntiVirus 2011 are simply scare tactics which have been designed to try and make you believe that your pc is infected. We need to mention that nasty rogue program creators stole the name from a very popular and reputable program. Read more »

Proven Antivirus

No matter what happens in the online world, malicious rogue makers continue to create malicious rogues which are geared towards stealing the money of innocent computer users and Proven Antivirus is no exception. There are many tactics which rogue makers use in order to achieve their goals. Now Proven Antivirus may show you all types of computer security warnings which may all appear real but in reality they are all false warnings which may make use of real graphical user interfaces in order to fool you. You should know that Proven Antivirus got into Your computer without Your knowledge in the first place. And that it gets into your computer with the help of nasty Trojans which may later block trustable security programs. Read more »

Windows Security & Control

When it comes to the many Windows Security & Control warning messages which you will receive you need to know that these are all false. You see Windows Security & Control is false and is nothing that it pretends to be. You should also seriously understand that Windows Security & Control will not help your computer system in any way and is only going to result in huge amounts of trouble for your PC. Read more »

Powerful PC Protection

No rogues are good and this is exactly the point when it comes to Powerful PC Protection. What you should always understand is that Powerful PC Protection may go by a few names but the symptoms are always the same. You may see a system scan which will generate false system scan report results in one big attempt to try and fool you into thinking your computer system is infected with all types of threats. The fact remains that your computer system is in fact infected with a threat but not with what it tells you, as your computer system is instead only infected with Powerful PC Protection. It will also show various warning messages and may block some legitimate programs. Read more »

Memory Optimizer

Memory Optimizer is not a good software program by any sense of the word and is really a rogue antispyware application which has been created by bad people who only have only had bad intentions. Inclusive in their bad intentions is to try and steal your money by presenting you with all types of false positives to try and convince you that your computer system is in fact infected and that the solution to these problems is to proceed to pay a fee for a full Memory Optimizer version which should fix your computer. Read more »

Windows Optimization & Security

Never trust anything remotely connected to Windows Optimization & Security. This harmful rogue antispyware and optimization tool is only out to trick you into parting with your money while offering you nothing substantial in return. Windows Optimization & Security successfully tricks users into parting with their money because of its well designed user interfaces and genuine looking applications. Illicit and criminal websites are used to distribute Windows Optimization & Security, by having users simply redirected to the site which hosts the Windows Optimization & Security infection. Read more »

System Pro 2011

System Pro 2011 is the malware program spreading around the web all around the world. Firstly, everyone should know that System Pro 2011 is a fake software and has no real functions to scan and delete computer infections. Furthermore, System Pro 2011 is usually installed either through browser security holes or by using a Trojan which usually gets into a machine through spam e-mail messages, or by installing hacked software. Read more »