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SPAUTORES Virus is yet another Windows infection which uses the credentials of well-known national authorities. Just like Polícia de Segurança Pública Portuguese Virus, the malicious ransomware has been developed to trick you into giving your money up for a completely bogus purpose. Have you downloaded pirated music files? If you have not – there is no reason why you should believe the fictitious information presented through the screen-locking alert. On the other hand, if you have performed illegal activities, you should ignore the fake information as well. Read more »

Evernote Hacked - Millions Must Change Passwords

Evernote Hacked - Millions Must Change Passwords

With Twitter, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook having been hit by hackers in the last few months, now it is Evernote’s turn. The company has announced that around 50 million users' personal data was compromised during a security breach on the first weekend of March. The users affected were informed about it in an email sent by the Evernote, asking them to reset their passwords. Evernote reported that the hackers tried to access secure areas of the service, but luckily they have not succeeded. Unfortunately, the hackers got their hands on millions of usernames, email addresses and passwords. Read more »

EasyLifeSearch app

EasyLifeSearch app is a new program promoted by Conduit, and many Windows users download it from The application is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers; however, researchers do not recommend installing it onto your personal computer. It would be unfair to say that the application is malicious; however, it can employ web cookies to retrieve information about your browsing habits. This is not illegal, and you should know about it, if you have read the Privacy Policy of the downloaded application. Nevertheless, it is your choice whether you want to run a program which can track your private information or not. Do you want to delete EasyLifeSearch app? Continue reading to learn more about the removal of this add-on. Read more »

Bsaving Coupons

Bsaving Coupons is an application which you can accidentally acquire along with a free program downloaded from dubious websites. As the name of this browser add-on implies, this application displays coupons related to the items you are looking for. It is supposed to help you save money; however, if you have not even thought about using online coupons and now want to remove Bsaving Coupons from the PC, do right now. Read more »

Shopping Sidekick

Shopping Sidekick is a browser add-on which displays advertisements and various offers related to your interests. The application can be installed alongside free program or downloaded directly from  Like the majority of browser plug-ins, Shopping Sidekick works on such browsing tools as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Once the application is installed, an add-on is set on the browsers, which means that it starts monitoring your browsing sessions. Read more »

Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Virus

Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Virus supplements a vast family of ransomware infections which is composed of such malicious programs as Ordinateur est Verrouillé Virus and Datamaskinen Din Har Blitt Låst Virus. The main goal of the application is to trick you into paying fines for various crimes, all of which are presented within a screen-locking notification. The malignant threat operates with the help of a devious Trojan which can block access to the computer, disable the running of executable files and which should to be removed from your computer. If you continue reading, you will find out how to delete Ihr Internet Service Provider blockiert Virus and other running infections. Read more »

Uw computer is vergrendeld virus

Uw computer is vergrendeld virus

Uw computer is vergrendeld virus is a something that one would never want to have on his computer. This ransomware infection targets users in the Netherlands with intention to steal their money. Once target computer gets infected Uw computer is vergrendeld virus displays a screen-sized message that does not allow the user to access his desktop. The user is conditioned to think that he has committed a serious cyber crime and as a result the computer is locked. However, the message displayed on the screen is a hoax, devised with intention to push the user into spending his money for nothing. Read more »

Unlock this Page to Continue!

Unlock this Page to Continue!

Unlock this Page to Continue!, also called “Complete an offer to continue”, is an alert,  which belongs to Ukash Viruses group. Unlock this Page to Continue! enters the PC surreptitiously and disables access to the desktop.  Instead of the desktop wallpaper, a full-screen warning is loaded and unlike other ransomware viruses, this infection helps spammers earn money after you complete an offer. Consequently, team recommends that you do not waste your time filling in the details in various forms but remove “Unlock this Page to Continue!” using a professional spyware removal tool. Read more »

Softonic Toolbar

Softonic Toolbar is a browser add-on which is powered with a variety of options that enable a computer user to perform multiple actions. For example, the toolbar enables you to check your email, translate, listen to the radio online, check weather forecasts, etc.  Softonic Toolbar may also refer to a toolbar which is installed along with the applications downloaded from Softonic, which offers a lot of applications for Windows, iPhone, Mac , Android, etc. Read more »

Supreme Savings

Super Savings is a browser extension available at It is developed by 215 Apps (Excellent Apps) and this app is created to improve your online shopping experience. The application supports more than 1000 online stores, including Expedia, Kmart, Office Depot, Pet Smart, Toys R Us and many more. Supreme Savings coupon app can be installed on three main browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Read more »