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Security Guard 2012

Security Guard 2012

We sometimes take the security of our computer for granted, and don’t even realize that one day we might get infected by something like Security Guard 2012. It is a fake security program otherwise known as rogue antispyware. Rogues are created having one single purpose in mind – money. Security Guard 2012 is of no exception. It might certainly look like a reliable computer safety program, but that only shows how eager its creators are to trick you and lure your money out of you. Read more »

Security Sphere 2012

Security Sphere 2012 is a rogue antispyware application that pretends to be a reliable computer security program. It showcases a behavior very similar to that of a real antivirus program, and therefore, it might seem that Security Sphere 2012 is a trustworthy application, but if you think that it can protect you from all the viruses it reports you about, you are very wrong. All the security notifications received from Security Sphere 2012 are fake and they are generated for one purpose only, and that is ripping you off. Read more »

Advanced PC Shield 2012

Advanced PC Shield 2012 is a dangerous computer threat which you must terminate immediately. It is a rogue antispyware program and it pretends to be a legitimate computer security tool. If you look at it closely, you will see that it copies the design and the color scheme of a famous antivirus product. Everything is done in a sophisticated way to lull you into believing that Advanced PC Shield 2012 can take care of all of your problems. Read more »

Personal Security Pro

Personal Security Pro is a fake computer security application that only wants to steal your money. You should not allow it to take over and so you must not listen to what it has to say. Personal Security Pro comes from a big family of rogues and it is obvious that this program is more than ready to reach its goals. It has a notorious background behind its back and is fully equipped to rip you off to the very last cent. Read more »

PC Repair

Despite all the efforts by the online security industry to secure the exact opposite, many PC owners continue to fall for the manipulative lies sold by rogue security tools such as PC Repair. This rogue antispyware in particular does a good job at emulating the real workings of a genuine security tool. It will do everything in its power to gain the trust of its victim, but when all is said and done PC Repair is unable to live up to any of its over embellished promises. Read more »

Alfa Defender Pro

Be careful when it comes to Alfa Defender Pro. It is a rogue antispyware application and it pretends to be a genuine antivirus program. This computer threat copies the outward appearance of a legitimate computer security application and it makes it hard for inexperienced user to distinguish between the real program and the fake Alfa Defender Pro. Read more »

Ultimate Scan

If you are searching for a powerful and user friendly security tool to augment your PC’s security, then you will do very well to steer clear of Ultimate Scan. This rogue antispyware application certainly was not designed to be of any use to a PC, but was developed solely to fleece consumers out of their hard earned money. Read more »

Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer

Unfortunately, a lot of computer users still become victims to Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer. It is a rogue antispyware infection. Rogues are very cunning programs which pretend to be legitimate software applications in hopes of stealing personal information. Just like any rogue out there Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer looks very professional, because it mimics the logo and appearance of a well-known computer safeguard program. Read more »

Windows Proofness Guarantor

Windows Proofness Guarantor is a dangerous rogue antispyware which is there to rip you off. Even though it might seem as if it looks and acts like a genuine antivirus program, it has no intentions of doing so, because it is not able to perform the functions it boasts of. If you allow it to remain in your computer Windows Proofness Guarantor will leave you with nothing but an empty shell, consequently stealing all your money. Read more »

Windows Antispy Network

In the interest of PC security and keeping your activity private, do not allow Windows Antispy Network on your PC. Although it may seem legitimate, this Windows Antispy Network is indeed a rubbish rogue antispyware tool out only to rip you off. It does not own the ability to protect your system from any type of risk, and cannot detect or remove any parasite or threat. No, Windows Antispy Network was designed by unscrupulous cyber criminals simply to steal your money while leaving you with a worthless shell of an application. Read more »