What is svchost.stealth.keylogger?

svchost.stealth.keylogger is a fake malware infection used by rogue antispyware applications in their fake security alerts. svchost.stealth.keylogger is presented as a dangerous threat to your system security, although it does not even exist. Several fake antivirus programs are known to use svchost.stealth.keylogger for their fake alerts, including Live Security Platinum, System Care Antivirus, System Antivirus and so on. Since there is no such infection as svchost.stealth.keylogger, in order to get rid of these fake alerts, you need to terminate the rogue antispyware program that is responsible for displaying them. Do not hesitate to invest in a reliable computer security application if need be.

How does svchost.stealth.keylogger fake alert look like?

The appearance of the fake alert with svchost.stealth.keylogger may different from infection to infection, but in general the message is always more or less the same:

Firewall Alert
Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the Internet. Internet Explorer Internet Browser is infected with SVCHOST.Stealth.Key-logger. This worm is trying to send your credit card details using Internet Explorer Internet Browser to connect to remove host

Along with the message you are urged to invest in a fake antivirus program that displays the alert, because your system is supposedly infected with malware (including svchost.stealth.keylogger) and you need to purchase a full version of the antivirus program.

Is svchost.stealth.keylogger dangerous?

Since the malicious infection does not exist in the first place, it cannot be dangerous. The fake message that you see on your screen is generated by another computer infection that you should be worried about. If you are offered to purchase a full version of a particular “computer security” application, close the program that displays svchost.stealth.keylogger fake alerts right now and acquire a reliable antimalware application that will help you to remove the program along with the svchost.stealth.keylogger fake alert.

How to remove svchost.stealth.keylogger?

Once you remove the program that displays svchost.stealth.keylogger, the message will disappear as well. There are two main ways to terminate a rogue antispyware application – you can either remove it manually or automatically. Manual removal may be challenging especially if you are a not a computer expert. Therefore, users are often encouraged to choose the automatic removal option that allows you to remove not only the main rogue antispyware application, but also all the other possible infections plaguing your computer.

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