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Digital Protection

Digital Protection is a terrible and malicious rogue antispyware application.You need to be aware of the factor that everything which is associated to the malicious Digital Protection is actually one big scam and can't be trusted. You need to also be aware of the factor that Digital Protection or DigitalProtection has been specifically designed in order to steal your hard earned money and trick you into purchasing the full version of Digital Protection which doesn't actually exist. Read more »

PC Defender 2010

PC Defender 2010 is the latest fake security tool. Also known as PCDefender 2010, one should definitely NOT trust this application. Designed to resemble its predecessors, PC Antivirus 2010 and PC internet Security. As is quite common with these type rogue applications, PC Defender 2010 makes use of Trojan Zlob - the infection to enter into a computer, once infiltration is complete, PC Defender 2010 will begin its reign of terror, as it inundates the user with fake and numerous pop-up message alert notifications. Read more »

User Antivirus 2010

User Antivirus 2010 is very dangerous and is guaranteed to try and invade your privacy as well as attempt to steal your hard earned money. UserAntivirus2010 is able to delete your data and cause your entire computer system to become very unstable. The main factor to take into consideration is that User Antivirus 2010 is never to be trusted. You need to know that there are many malicious cybercriminals out there who are just waiting for the right moment in order to gain access to your computer system as well as try and obtain your hard earned money. Read more »

Control Components

Control Components or ControlComponents is a very dangerous rogue antispyware application that you need to take seriously. It is very important that you never download, install or purchase anything which is even remotely related to the malicious Control Components. You need to be aware of the factor that once Control Components has gained access to your computer system, you will experience many computer problems. You may receive computer security notifications which tell you that you have all types of parasites which are running on your computer system. You need to know that there are no parasites running on your computer system, except for the malicious and deceptive Control Components itself. It is going to be within your best interest to invest in a decent antispyware removal product that will help the situation. You also need to take computer security seriously at all times and make sure that all your software is up to date at all times. Read more »

Xp Defender Pro

Xp Defender Pro which is also called: XpDefenderPro, XpDefender Pro, Xp DefenderPro, grants you the same protection as its predecessors. The list of which runs into the hundreds… all of which are rogue anti-spyware applications, just like Xp Defender Pro. This malicious software tends to be advertised via online advertisements. The installation process begins at quite respectable websites, Read more »

CleanUp Antivirus

CleanUp Antivirus is a fake malware remover, also known as rogue security software. CleanUp Antivirus does NOT remove malware from infected computers, but instead poses as a legitimate security tool, and only ends up ripping people off. CleanUp Antivirus is corrupt software, designed to scam people out of their money. CleanUp Antivirus infects computer after computer, and does so effectively, using the help of Trojan viruses and misleading advertising on the internet. Read more »

Dr. Guard

Dr. Guard is new malicious rogue antispyware application. It will pretend to help your computer but the truth of the matter is that the only thing which it will do is harm your computer and try and steal your money. You need to know that a certain Trojan which is associated with Dr. Guard is the malicious carrier of this rogue. Dr. Guard has been created in a way that users have to go to the payment website and obtain the activation or registry key. Read more »

Antivirus Protection Center

Antivirus Protection Center may also be called AntivirusProtectionCenter and will enter your computer system through various malicious Trojans. Antivirus Protection Center is fake and so is everything associated with it, this includes a fake system scan, fake system scan results as well as fake computer security notifications. Antivirus Protection Center will try every single trick that it can in order to try and convince you that you have all types of malicious threats running on your machine. Read more »

Xp Micro Antivirus

Xp Micro Antivirus is a new malicious rogue antispyware application which is lurking around the internet to date. You need to know that Xp Micro Antivirus may also be known as XpMicroAntivirus. Xp Micro Antivirus is a very powerful new rogue due to the factor that it is able to actually block software websites as well as stop your software which is working on your computer system. Xp Micro Antivirus is guaranteed to invade your privacy, as well as try and steal your hard earned money. Read more »

My Security Wall

My Security Wall, also referred to as MySecurityWall, is a rogue anti-spyware application, created to con and coerce PC users into purchasing its full version. My Security Wall tends to spread via malicious Trojan infections, malicious downloads or it can be downloaded directly from its affiliated website. Similarly to most rogue programs, once inside a computer system, My Security Wall will conduct a fake system scan. The scan will report fabricated results of an infestation of malware on the computer in question, followed by an excessive display of multiple pop-up advertisements. Read more »