PC Defender 2010

What is PC Defender 2010?

PC Defender 2010 is the latest fake security tool. Also known as PCDefender 2010, one should definitely NOT trust this application. Designed to resemble its predecessors, PC Antivirus 2010 and PC internet Security. As is quite common with these type rogue applications, PC Defender 2010 makes use of Trojan Zlob - the infection to enter into a computer, once infiltration is complete, PC Defender 2010 will begin its reign of terror, as it inundates the user with fake and numerous pop-up message alert notifications.
These notifications are specifically used to try convince the user that their system is horribly infected with all sorts of malware! Misleading fact number 1! There is no way that PC Defender 2010 and its affiliates will be able to assist in removing any type of malware – as it itself is a malware application. Remove PC Defender 2010 as soon as you can: highly advisable!

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