User Antivirus 2010

What is User Antivirus 2010?

User Antivirus 2010 is very dangerous and is guaranteed to try and invade your privacy as well as attempt to steal your hard earned money. UserAntivirus2010 is able to delete your data and cause your entire computer system to become very unstable. The main factor to take into consideration is that User Antivirus 2010 is never to be trusted. You need to know that there are many malicious cybercriminals out there who are just waiting for the right moment in order to gain access to your computer system as well as try and obtain your hard earned money.
User Antivirus 2010 will perform a fake system scan which will present you with fake system scan results. Once you are really scared you will be offered a solution to your problems in the form of the full version, which promises to remove all your computer threats. You need to be warned that this is all one big scam in order to obtain your money. You need to remove the malicious User Antivirus 2010 immediately upon detection with a good antispyware removal product which is reliable and up to date.

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