Dr. Guard

What is Dr. Guard?

Dr. Guard is new malicious rogue antispyware application. It will pretend to help your computer but the truth of the matter is that the only thing which it will do is harm your computer and try and steal your money. You need to know that a certain Trojan which is associated with Dr. Guard is the malicious carrier of this rogue. Dr. Guard has been created in a way that users have to go to the payment website and obtain the activation or registry key.
You need to delete Dr. Guard from your machine as soon as you detect it. If you need help detecting it you could make use of an authentic antispyware application that will detect as well as remove Dr. Guard for you. It is highly suggested that you make use of the automatic removal method as opposed to the manual removal method. Dr. Guard is something not to play around with. When it comes to Dr. Guard rather don't take any chances at all.

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