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AntiSpyPro is a rogue anti-spyware application that is usually downloaded and installed by a Trojan Zlob parasite. The Trojan program most often gets into the system bundled with a fake video codec or under other dubious circumstances. Once executed, it will download and install the BHO into your Internet Explorer that will hijack your Google and Yahoo search results and display false notifications claiming that your system is in serious danger and offering you to download a "reliable" anti-spyware application AntiSpyPro. However, in reality AntiSpyPro will not clean your system but might actually expose your PC to more serious threats. Read more »


IEDefender is labeled as a rogue anti-spyware program because of its aggressive, deceptive advertising methods. Even though the IEDefender scans for malware, its advertising tricks you into purchasing the program by presenting you with intrusive, deceptive warnings. Read more »


SystemDefender is a rogue PC security application that pops up a fake notification to make you believe that your computer is infected with spyware. It can be easy to fall for the vicious and clever lies of rogue security tools such as SystemDefender. This rogue security tool was designed to trick users into believing it to be a genuine security tool, and to part with their money for this worthless software. Despite what SystemDefender might like its victims to believe, it does not own the ability to detect, quarantine or remove any type of infection and certainly cannot protect the system against any type of threat. Read more »


eBlaster is a keylogger which is able to monitor your computer activity. Usually eBlaster is installed by employers, parents or other persons who want to track someone. There is a possibility though, that malicious piece of software (or named somehow differently) can enter your computer bundled with other malware, and you will never know that something is wrong or that eBlaster is logging your activity, because it hides itself from the user. Read more »


Zlob is a backdoor Trojan that allows attackers remote control over your computer. Zlob uses a remote connection which allows the attacker to perform malicious actions such as downloading and installing software without your consent. Zlob may also execute certain commands and manage the entire computer, leaving your computer exposed to further malware infection. Read more »