Think Point

What is Think Point?

A new rogue antispyware application known as Think Point is spreading havoc across the Internet. Many users have reported on disturbing and annoying symptoms of an Think Point attack on their system. This is a harmful and dangerous rogue which should absolutely never be underestimated. Think Point’s attack has even surprised industry experts.
It will stop at nothing to extort sales out of consumers and will hold their systems ransom until they do. Even if users recognize Think Point’s fake intentions and try and remove it, they may have a hard time of doing so due to one of the side effects of an Think Point infection being blocked Internet connections.

This could effectively prevent the user from downloading security tools which will be able to delete Think Point. Other reported symptoms include drastically slow system performance and instability, as well as the blocking of legitimate exceptionable applications. In order to remove Think Point and regain control of the system, users are strongly urged to make use only of antispyware and antivirus tools of a reputable nature. Continuously update your security applications to offer up to date protection for your PC against illicit applications and rogues.

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  1. this has ruined my machine. I can't get it off my computer. Think point is a trogan and It should be band off the internet. pass it on that it is bad bad bad.
    leading security solution. how many people have you forced to pay that high sum of money to have your help. I want it removed and I'M having alot of trouble doing it.

  2. Hey guys.

    Had this and removed it.

    Simple way to do it is.

    Turn off PC by removing power cable.
    When you turn it back on press f8 in order to access the boot menu.
    Click to start in safe mode with networking
    Hit CTRL ALT DEL to bring up task manager.
    End the process of the application (Most likely Hot something)
    Use the task manager to "start new task"
    enter system32
    It will not allow you to do so, letting you know your in safe mode.
    Click NO on the next screen, and it will give you system restore.
    Restore your system.
    UPDATE anti virus

  3. Chris, you are amazing. Thanks for this tip! Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. Best of all they worked and saved me a lot of money and aggravation. Thanks a million.

  4. Yeah, but what if your antivirus won't allow you to update? (Microsoft Essentials)

  5. Thank you Chris, you save me from missing my guitar lessons. I love to play the blues, not sing them!

  6. Hey i would really like to thank you for the straight forward advice given you helped fix my computer and have relived me from alot of stress and i would like to cencerly thank you for your help

  7. Hey Chris thanks again for the great advice

  8. What if I sent my information , not knowing it was bogus til now, and they said card declined but now have all my information????

  9. Chris your amazing...........I'm an idiot when it comes to computers and it looks like your information helped me! Thanks a Ga-zillion!

  10. Hi, I am trying to get rid of think point in the way that Chris described. When I restart my pc pressing f8 doesn't do anything but Windows page says f12 is for boot menu. So I pressed that and options came up for start Windows normally as well as safe mode with networking and a few other safe mode options. However I cannot choose the right one as start windows normally is highlighted, it counts down 30 seconds to it starts, the mouse doesn't work, it says to move arrow keys to select option but they are not working either.... does anyone know how I can get around this? Thank you for your help. Amy.

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