Antivirus Studio 2010

What is Antivirus Studio 2010?

More and more users have fallen victim to the Antivirus Studio 2010 scam. Antivirus Studio 2010 is a rogue antispyware application not to be trusted. It will pose as genuine security software and may be able to trick inexperienced and gullible PC owners who do not know any better. Users who already have already fallen victim to this rogue are urged to immediately delete Antivirus Studio 2010 off their system.
The truth is Antivirus Studio 2010 holds no benefits to a system, and cannot protect a PC from any threats. It will try and convince users of its ability to protect their system through nefarious popup messages and fake alerts. These fake alerts will also inform PC owners of bogus infections on their systems. This is all in an effort to panic the user into thinking his PC is under attack, and that Antivirus Studio 2010 is the only program able to help him protect his system.

Users infected with Antivirus Studio 2010 have also reported other symptoms such as blocked internet connections and erratic system behavior. A dramatic decrease in system performance has also been reported. The only way to remove Antivirus Studio 2010 is by using well known and updated security tools. This will ensure the deletion of Antivirus Studio 2010 and that control of the system is restored back its the rightful owner.

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  1. I already bought the Antivirus Studio 2010 and then my computer had to be reprograned. So now i dont have Antivirus Studio 2010 after paying 59.95 for it. I need to know how to put download it back on my computer.

  2. We bought the antivirus sudeo 2010, it has been nothing but a problem. After installing it to the computer had a lot of viruses and othere things such as porn. DO NOT INSTALL!!!!! P.O.S. Does not let you use internet as well or use the computer it tells you to shut down.

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