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TheDefend which is also called The Defend, grants you the same protection as its predecessors. The list of which runs into the hundreds… all of which are rogue anti-spyware applications, just like TheDefend. This malicious software tends to be advertised via online advertisements and is a clone of AntiAdd or GuardPCs. The installation process begins at quite respectable websites, where the creators of these dubious applications, hackers, proceed to publish their forbidden content (forbidden or not approved by the publishers of these legitimate websites). For instance, they may post an advertisement inviting the user to read particular breaking news. It has been found out that instead of reading the promised news, the unsuspecting user will be forced to get familiar with TheDefend descriptions and are then coerced into downloading its trial version. Alternatively, TheDefend is downloaded covertly, with the help of Trojan infections. It is recommended to remove TheDefend and all its affiliated components, to ensure the safety of any PC system. Read more »

Link Safeness

Link Safeness is a rogue anti-spyware program that tends to make use of false spyware results to lure you, the unsuspecting system user, into purchasing its full version. It is also possible to install Link Safeness or LinkSafeness manually, by visiting the rogue website affiliated with this dubious application. Link Safeness may use its system scanner to display false positives, which work as an incentive to coerce unsuspecting users into making a purchase of Link Safeness's commercial version. It is an exact clone of AntiAID. Read more »

Control Center

Control Center is yet another malicious rogue antispyware application. Do not be fooled by the name as Control Center will not help your computer in any way. Control Center or ControlCenterhas been designed to cause you many computer problems, invade your privacy as well as steal your hard earned money. The truth of the matter is that Control Center is one big scam that must never be trusted no matter what the circumstances may be. Every single thing which is associated to this malicious Control Center is fake and just a big attempt to try and get your money. Read more »

Site Villain

Site Villain is one of the latest rogue antispyware applications that have been designed to take your money. SiteVillain is a malicious rogue comes from the same family as other WiniSoft rogues, such as AntiAID.Site Villain is a unique rogue due to the factor that it has a different type of GUI as opposed to the others. Site Villain will make use of a fake system scan, fake system scan report results as well as fake computer security system notifications in order to try and convince users that they have malicious threats running on their machines. Read more »

Macatte Antivirus 2009

Macatte Antivirus 2009 is a very dangerous rogue antispyware application that will make use of every single tactic that it can to try and convince you to purchase the full version. The creators tried making the name familiar to Mcaffe but Macatte Antivirus 2009 is in no way associated with it! You need to know that if you see a system scan of your computer taking place, that starts by itself, this is really fake. Not only is the Macatte Antivirus 2009 system scan fake but so is the system scan report results. Read more »

Tre Antivirus

Tre Antivirus which may be named TreAntivirus may sound like a wonderful new antivirus that is able to solve all your computers problems. The fact of the matter is that you will need a better and updated antivirus yourself if Tre Antivirus manages to get onto your computer. You will experience many computer problems, which range from annoying pop up messages, lots of fake security system notifications as well as fake scan reports. The problems that Tre Antivirus will cause you will be unbearable and endless. Tre Antivirus was made by the same Rogue program makers, who made 28 same looking programs such as Trust Soldier or Secure Warrior. Read more »

Active Security

Active Security which also goes by the name ActiveSecurityis a fake and malicious rogue antispyware application. Active Security makes use of "scare tactics" in order to get people to try and part with their money. What happens is that once ActiveSecurity has installed itself onto your machine, it will start causing you many problems. What will happen, is that an online scan will be performed which will generate a fake scan result report. Read more »

Trust Fighter

Trust Fighter is the newest fake antispyware program which may go by the name of TrustFighter and is avclone of manu other same looking programs like Safe Fighter. Trust Fighter may enter your system through malicious pop ups or banners or a Video Codec. At first it may show an imaginary system scan which will show that You have a highly infected computer. Trust Fighter will then proceed to offer you a solution to your problems in the form of a full version Trust Fighter which you can purchase. It will alert you to the factor that if you purchase the full version of Trust Fighter, it will remove any dangerous threats which are on your machine. The reality of the situation is the TrustFighter scan is false, the results are false and the full version is false. The only thing which is not false is the factor that TrustFighter is dangerous and you need to get it off your machine as quickly as you can. Read more »

Antivirus program

Antivirus is the newest fake anti-spyware program and is an anti spyware application, which has been designed in order to scare users into buying the full version, which doesn't exist. The way that this alarming Antivirus gets into your machine is via the Zlob/MediaAccess Codec installer, usually this is on pornographic related websites. Antivirus program does a good job of conning you with the use of annoying pop up notifications that things are wrong with your machine. Read more »


SecureFighter is a clever and manipulative anti spyware application. It makes use of fake scan results in order to try to convince innocent users into purchasing a full version. SecureFighter is the newest exact clone of unstopable rogue family SecureVeteran, SecurityFighter and so on and so forth..... Read more »