What is ThinkSmart?

Cybercriminals have created a malicious rogue antispyware application ThinkSmart that is going to result in you experiencing many computer problems. This rogue will make use of all types of tricks and tactics in order to try and convince you that your machine is infected. The truth is that your computer is only infected with ThinkSmart which is the only threat that you actually need to remove immediately. The long list of threats which is generated is false and is yet a simple trick used by the makers of ThinkSmart to try and convince you otherwise.
Do not be convinced by any of the things which you see which is associated to ThinkSmart as it is all false. Uninstalling ThinkSmart is going to be your best option. There are many ways of going about terminating ThinkSmart from your computer system but the best way is going to be with the use of an antispyware removal tool which is going to prove effective in the deleting of ThinkSmart. The manual removal process is not suggested due to the factor that it is able to cause additional computer problems for your computer system.

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