Antivirus IS

What is Antivirus IS?

Antivirus IS is yet another powerful rogue antispyware application that has been specifically created in order to steal your money and leave you with many computer problems Antivirus IS or AntivirusIS will make use of every trick and tactic that it can in order to try and convince you to buy the full version, when the truth of the matter is that the full version of Antivirus IS doesn’t exist and it is all one big scam which has been created in order to steal your money and mess up your computer system.
You need to be warned that if you choose to make use of the manual removal process, the risks are very high of you causing severe additional damage to your computer. It is within your best interest to choose the automatic removal process. Where a decent software application will detect as well as automatically remove Antivirus IS for you. Antivirus IS is dangerous and needs to be treated in such a manner.

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