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Vista Home Security 2012

Vista Home Security 2012 is a malicious rogue antispyware application designed to inflict severe damage to the user’s PC, and to extort money out of the user. It infiltrates the user’s system without his permission, and will not relent until the user either decides to pay for or get rid of Vista Home Security 2012. Read more »

XP Internet Security 2012

XP Internet Security 2012

Allowing XP Internet Security 2012 to enter your computer is a bad idea, because it is a rogue antispyware application which arrives at your doorstep with one single objective only – it wants to rip you off. It has been plaguing the users around the world for some time already and now it is your turn. That is, if you do not manage to get rid of XP Internet Security 2012 in time. Read more »

Vista Antivirus 2012

Even though Vista Antivirus 2012 looks very much like a popular antivirus program, it is very far from the truth. The ugly truth is that Vista Antivirus 2012 is a rogue antispyware application which will kill your computer in no time if you allow it to stay in your system. Read more »

System Security 2012

System Security 2012 is a computer threat that looks and behaves very much like a real antivirus program. It copies the appearance of a popular computer safeguard application without any pangs of consciousness, and this way it manages to trick a lot of users worldwide. Do not become another victim of this despicable malicious application. Stop System Security 2012 before it can cause you any great harm. Read more »

System Defence

You can never know when something like System Defence will arrive at your doorstep. It may look like a legitimate computer program, but in fact it is a dangerous rogue antispyware application and there is nothing positive about it. System Defence will promise to take care of your computer and its safety, but this program is not able to live up to its promises. What is more, this rogue comes forth with an intention to steal all of your money, so it is more than obvious that you need to get rid of it immediately. Read more »

System Security 2011

System Security 2011 is a fake antivirus program that wants to make you pay for a totally worthless product. It appears like a legitimate tool and fools a lot of users because it is hard to tell it apart from the real deal. However, you should be smarter than that and realize that System Security 2011 can bring nothing but trouble. Do not hesitate to do a research on this program on the Internet once you sense that something is wrong. You will sure to find a lot of search results saying that it is a malicious software application and that you need to remove System Security 2011 right now. Read more »

Cloud Protection

If you are not careful enough you will become the victim of Cloud Protection. It is a rogue antispyware application that pretends to be an antivirus program, capable of protecting your computer from dangerous infections. Unfortunately, that is not true and Cloud Protection will damage your computer holding it ransom until you pay for the full version of this absolutely worthless product. Keep in mind that this rogue has no ability whatsoever to detect and remove computer threats. Read more »

System Restore

Do not fall for the surreptitious lies of System Restore. This rogue antispyware application was not designed to be of any value to a PC, but instead to act as a malicious vehicle which cyber criminals use to blackmail PC owners into paying for rubbish software. In fact, System Restore does not have any of the abilities it professes to, and users are warned against believing anything System Restore has to say. Read more »

Data Repair

If you think that your system is perfectly safe just because you have Data Repair in your computer, then better think again, because it is a dangerous rogue antispyware application that will turn your days into hell if you allow it to remain in your computer. Data Repair is a fake antivirus program created to rip unsuspecting users off and you might be the next in line, considering you’ve managed to catch this infection. Read more »

OpenCloud Security

OpenCloud Security is a rogue antispyware application and it masquerades as a reliable security program. Through such despicable act this rogue is trying to appear legitimate and trustworthy, and then lure your money out of you, making you pay for a completely worthless product. If you fall for this trap in the end you will be left without your money and with a broken computer at hand. Read more »