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Windows optimal Tool

There are quite a few reasons why you should be wary of Windows optimal Tool. This rogue anti-spyware is waiting for a chance to get into your system, because it is created deceive unsuspecting users and then swindle them out of their money. You could be one of them, so if you find Windows optimal Tool in your computer, don’t hesitate to terminate it at once. Read more »

Mega Antivirus 2012

Do not be fooled – Mega Antivirus 2012 is not a legitimate security application. Designed with the sole purpose of ripping honest hard working consumers off, Mega Antivirus 2012 will not let up until it succeeds in its devious goals. Although it may come across as a legitimate security application, Mega Antivirus 2012 never had the intention or ability to live up to any of its over embellished promises and certainly cannot identify or remove any type of threat from the system. Read more »

Antivirus Antispyware 2011

Never trust anything to do with Antivirus Antispyware 2011. This rogue antispyware application was designed not to offer any type of benefit to a PC, but solely to rip consumers off. PC owners continue to fall for Antivirus Antispyware 2011’s clever marketing campaigns and user friendly looking GUIs, but at the end of the day this rogueware has no ability or intention of living up to its over embellished promises. It also does not own the ability, despite what it would like its victims to believe, to identify or remove any type of threat or infection from a system. Read more »

Internet Security Essentials

It’s an unfortunate fact that many PC owners continue to fall for the clever lies and smart marketing campaigns employed by rogue security tool developers such as Internet Security Essentials. This rogue antispyware enters the system surreptitiously and will remain dormant until such time that it deigns it the correct time to start its attack on the system. Internet Security Essentials has no ability or intention to live up to its over embellished promises, and does not offer any benefit to an infected PC. Read more »

Windows Safety Guarantee

It can be easy to fall victim to the seditious lies of rogue security tools such as Windows Safety Guarantee. This rogue antispyware application was not designed to offer any benefit to a PC, but instead to trick consumers into paying for worthless security software which will do more harm to their systems than good. Read more »

Windows Optimal Settings

Windows Optimal Settings is a new threat to your computer’s security which ready to persuade you it is the best safety tool out there. To tell you the truth, it is a malicious rogue anti-spyware which will try to sway you into believing that your computer is at risk. Its means of persuasion are countless security alert messages. What you need to realize that Windows Optimal Settings is capable of going to great lengths in order to remain in your system. It can go as far as block your access to various security websites, so you wouldn’t be able to find information how to remove it. It might also happen so that your own programs would be prevented from operating properly. Windows Optimal Settings is a serious threat, so don’t take it lightly. Read more »

Windows Problems Solution

Rogue security tools such as Windows Problems Solution has the potential to wreak permanent and lasting damage to any computer system. This rogue security tool which emanates from the same cist pool as Windows System Optimizator and Windows Optimal Solution enters the system surreptitiously and will remain hidden until such time that it starts its attack on the system. Read more »

Windows Shield Center

Just because you see a Windows Shield Center computer scan that appears real doesn’t mean that it is really scanning. In fact this computer scan is more than likely a false computer scan which has been created by the makers of other similar fake programs. This computer scan will most probably generate a list of false system scan report results which again may appear real. These are not true results and is simply a false list conjured up by the makers of Windows Shield Center in order to fool you in being scared. Read more »

Antivirus .NET

No matter how hard Antivirus .NET tries to convince you that it is a helpful software program, you mustn't fall for it. Antivirus .NET is no helpful software program and is actually the total opposite which is a nasty rogue antispyware application which has been created in order to trick users and present you with all types of computer problems. These computer problems may include an increasingly slow computer system as well as an increasingly slow internet connection. Read more »

Spyware Protection

Spyware Protection is not just another rogue antispyware application as it is one of the latest rogues out there. There is a real threat, that many computer systems all over the world could become infected with Spyware Protection at an alarming rate. Spyware Protection comes from the same software family, as Win PC Defender, XP Deluxe Protector which have a history of causing serious problems for thousands of PC's. Read more »