Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash Virus

What is Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash Virus?

Recently, a new ransomware infection Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash Virus has reached many unsuspecting computer users. If you know that you cannot trust any suspicious pop-up messages encouraging you to pay for imaginary services, you should also ignore this piece of malware. The infection’s pop-up is displayed on the screen under the guise of Windows Anytime Upgrade message claiming that the PC is detected as containing non-licensed software. As this is an absolute scam, the removal of Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash Virus is highly recommended.

[…]You see this window because you have software subject to licensing installed on your computer. Or your license has expired.

[…] According to copyright law each software product installed on a home/office PC shall be licensed.

Window Anytime Upgrade Ukash Virus should be deleted from the system, because the message displayed is simulated. The infection paralyzes the system and disables access to the Internet in the hope that the user will swallow the bait and pay the ransom fee. The fine that is imposed on the user is £100, which should be paid either through Ukash or Paysafecard system. These two are legal, international payment systems, but they are not responsible for the release of this computer locking infection and the use of the name of Windows.

[…] The cost of the license is 100 pounds.
You can pay for the license with Ukash and Paysafecard. For paying just enter the code into the field below.

If you want to unlock your machine, remove Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash Virus with a powerful spyware removal tool. As the virus disables access to the internet, restart your PC, press F8 and select Safe Mode with Networking. It should enable you to access the Internet and download, for example, SpyHunter. Install the antispyware program and launch a scan so that Windows Antivirus Upgrade Ukash virus and other potential threats are removed from the system.

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Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash Virus
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