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Facebook Child Porn Virus

If you have received a video link from your Facebook contact and it has turned to be a pornographic video, it is probably Facebook Child Porn Virus. The so-called virus spreads via Facebook messages, and when the video is opened, it also shared with the contacts automatically. When the user opens the message, he or she find a heading which reads “watch this if you are curious”. As you can see, the heading does not imply that the video is inappropriate, especially for children. It is important to remove the infection and, without a doubt, protect the PC against similar instances in the future, especially if you have a child who owns a Facebook profile. Read more »

Facebook Friend Request Virus

Facebook Friend Request Virus is a malicious infection which is based upon fictitious friend requests on Facebook. If you have an account with this highly popular social networking site you must know that you can add friends and send friend requests to grow your circles. Unfortunately, the good name of the website has been exploited by cyber criminals who are linked to the devious Facebook Message Virus as well. If the malicious infection targets your personal Facebook account, soon enough security backdoors could be exposed which could lead to a number of highly illegal and disruptive actions. researchers warn that the threat is quickly growing and so everyone should be aware of it. Please continue reading to learn how to remove Facebook Friend Request Virus. Read more »


You need to keep the system protected against Rogue:JS/FakeAlert because this malicious threat could expose Windows backdoors and enable schemers to infiltrate malware onto your operating system. The clandestine infection acts as a backdoor itself as it corrupts HTML pages and displays fictional information. For example, the threat can activate a fictitious online scanner. If you land on this corrupted page, the fake scanner immediately starts examining your PC and then tries to convince you that you need to install a special program to remove all allegedly existing threats. Note that there are legitimate online scanners; however, this is a vulnerability that cyber criminals have employed to trick careless Windows users into infecting their own systems without even knowing it. All in all, having Rogue:JS/FakeAlert deleted is important and researchers have analyzed the infection to assist you. Read more »


Adware:Win32/Addlyrics is a irritating computer program which comes from the same group of spyware as FindLyrics Adware. Even though the program is supposed to provide you with lyrics search when watching YouTube videos, the main objective behind it is advertising. researchers have revealed that the application is supported through third-party advertisement which helps them generate profit. Whilst some advertisements are harmless and could even b used to acquire beneficial services, you should not click on any ads presented to you by the adware. Since the services of the program are money-driven, there is a possibility that some of the presented adverts are unreliable and possibly even controlled by cyber criminals. What would happen if you clicked on any corrupted ads? You could be routed to malicious websites, tricked into installing malware or spending money on worthless products. This is the main reason why we recommend having Adware:Win32/Addlyrics deleted. Read more »

Hotspot Shield Toolbar

Hotspot Shield Toolbar

Hotspot Shield Toolbar is a browser add-on which can be installed on the computer in several ways. The application belongs to Conduit Search, and it can be found at Hotspot Shield Toolbar bears the name of a security application which is known as Hotspot Shield, which also has its mobile version for Android operating system. Hotspot Shield Toolbar can be bundled with various programs, so you should always read the terms of use in order to avoid the unwanted browser extension. It is also known that Hotspot software also promotes some browser extensions, which implies that even when you are installing the security program, you should pay close attention to the installer. Read more »

DVDVideoSoft Toolbar

DVDVideoSoft Toolbar

DVDVideoSoft Toolbar is a browser add-on which enables the users to perform various actions without leaving the website that they are on. The toolbar is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. It is accessible at or bundled with various free programs, such as video player or downloaders. DVDVideoSoft Toolbar is also a Community Toolbar, which means that it is powered by Conduit Search. If you do not remove DVDVideoSoft Toolbar from the browser, especially if the default search engine is changed to DVDVideoSoftTB Customized Web Search, you will have to put up with various unwanted advertisements. Read more »


IRSETUP.EXE is an executable file which is installed onto the operating Windows system once you download and install Setup Factory developed by Indigo Rose. This tool is available from the official page Even though the program appears authentic we do not recommend installing it onto the computer because its services are quite suspicious. It is declared that the application can help you create software installers even if you do not have previous experience with such operations. The program is not free, and its pricing depending on the services ranges from $49 to $2,495. Needless to say, you need to be extra sensible about this tool. Do you want to run it? Do you have the money for it? Do you know the small security risks which are linked to it? Please continue reading the report to learn more about the application and IRSETUP.EXE removal. Read more »


KMSEmulator.exe is a malicious file that is associated with a number of Trojan infections.  Depending on which antivirus program you have installed on your computer, it could be detected as Win32:Malware-gen, BackDoor.Hackdoor.R, Trojan.Gen and so on. In general, KMSEmulator.exe is most often related to Trojan.gen.2 which denotes an entire group of Trojan infections that seriously compromise your system. Due to the fact that Trojan infections do not manifest themselves, you need to perform regular system scans with SpyHunter free scanner. This way you will be able to detect and remove KMSEmulator.exe on time, along with other potentially dangerous files. Read more » Virus

The irritating Virus is an adware which supposedly allows you to share links on the Internet. You have to register for an account in order to be able to share a URL and receive profit for every click made. Even though it may seem as if you can earn money using the suspicious services, in reality the money will go to the developer of the service – x19 Limited. Even if you manage to collect a few cents per click you will not be allowed to use this money unless you earn at least $5. According to researchers, it is not easy to collect this money, which means that all of your energy and work committed to the purpose will help the developers of the so-called virus and not you. Do you want to get involved in such time-consuming, idle activity? Continue reading to learn how to remove Virus. Read more »


Thousands of different Trojans can be placed in the same group of malware known as Trojan.gen.2. This group includes different Windows infections which often use the same malignant elements and act in similar ways. researchers warn that all threats linked to the faction are dangerous and require immediate removal. Is it easy to locate and delete these threats? It absolutely is not and so you should be extra careful about the protection of your operating Windows system. If you have yet to employ reliable spyware detection and removal software we recommend that you install it right away. Of course, you should not be too abrupt and install just any program. The web is filled with fictitious security tools (e.g. Antivirus Defence) which are completely worthless and may endanger your security further. If you wish to learn more about Windows protection and Trojan.gen.2 removal continue reading this report. Read more »