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LyriXeeker is an official website for the LyriXeeker browser plugin which is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. The add-on is meant to help you find lyrics whenever you are browsing YouTube music videos. As stated by the developer of the plugin, the program helps YouTube meet karaoke. Even though the application may seem harmless and even useless, some computer users cannot wait until they remove plugin from their browsers. Unfortunately, the removal of this program is complicated by a few disconcerting details. Continue reading to learn more about the application and then scroll-down the page to find manual removal instructions. Read more »

IB Updater Service

IB Updater Service is a PUP, or potentially unwanted program, which is closely linked to a number of suspicious browser plugins and applications. The program is also known as the IncrediBar Updater Service and so it is clear that it is related to such potential threats as Incredibar Toolbar or hijacker. Spyware researchers at have discovered that the suspicious update service is represented as ExtensionUpdaterService.exe, and the executable is usually downloaded together with the plugins you install. Even though the program is not easily noticeable, you are likely to detect it if you open the Task Manager and check the Process tab. If you remove IB Updater Service, it is possible that the plugins linked to it will stop running beneficially. Please continue reading to learn more. Read more »


Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A is a computer infection classified as worm. It means that unlike other computer infections that cannot make copies of themselves, Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A can replicate itself consequently slowing down the system by stealing bandwidth and system memory. Based on the research of security experts, Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A has been created to collect system information about your PC which later on is sent over to a computer hacker responsible for this attack. In order to avoid serious personal security breach, it is important to remove Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A on time. Perform regular computer system scans with a powerful antimalware tool to detect malware in primary stages of various infections. Read more »

Filmfanatic Toolbar

Filmfanatic Toolbar is a browser plugin which has been developed by Mindspark Interactive Network. Even though the application promises the best services, some computer users running the plugin on their Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers are unhappy. Have you downloaded the program from Then you have been promised that the add-on will help you search for movies, trailers and their reviews. It is also stated that the plugin will enable you to watch movies at home for free. Whether you are happy with the plugin or not, you should be much more careful with the third-party software which is offered to you upon the installation of the toolbar. Please continue reading the report to learn how to remove Filmfanatic Toolbar and programs related to it. Read more »

Datorn låser sig för polis Virus

Datorn låser sig för polis Virus

There is no question whether Datorn låser sig för polis Virus is malicious because this devious threat can lock down the computer and deny your access to the desktop. If schemers manage to achieve this goal, they will order the existing Revoyem Trojan to cover the computer’s screen with a highly disturbing warning. Without a doubt, you should not pay attention to the presented information because it has been created to fool you. If you fall for the scam and follow the instructions presented within the notification, you are likely to end up giving up your own money. Schemers have camouflaged themselves as the Swedish Police and using the displayed notification they can trick you into thinking that Police have found you guilty for various cyber crimes. This trick is meant to convince that you can unlock the computer only if you pay the requested fine. What you should do in reality is get Datorn låser sig för polis Virus removed. Read more »

Se bloquea el proveedor de servicios de internet virus

Se bloquea el proveedor de servicios de internet virus

Se bloquea el proveedor de servicios de internet virus is a ransomware infection which you should be aware of if you live in Spain. In fact, Se bloquea el proveedor de servicios de internet virus is one of the interface of a Trojan horse, which has already affected numerous computers around the world. The threat is known as Revoyem, and it has already afflicted many computers in the United States, Germany, France, Denmark, and many other countries, in which different names of the Trojan are used. For example, the U.S. interface of the Trojan is written in English, and it is dubbed as Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) Virus. Some other names may also be used to refer to a single interface, which depends on the computer users and malware researchers. Read more »

Département de la Cybercriminalité virus

Département de la Cybercriminalité virus is a computer infection that is classified as ransomware. Ransomware programs intend to steal your hard-earned money by making you think that you need to pay a particular sum of money in order to avoid criminal case in a trial. Département de la Cybercriminalité virus does not allow you to access your desktop by displaying a fake notification. Although it seems that the message has been sent by the Belgian Federal Police, the infection has nothing to do with the law enforcement authorities, and so it is necessary to remove Département de la Cybercriminalité virus from your system ASAP. Read more »

Unità di analisi sul crimine informatico Virus

Do you live in Italy and run an operating Windows system? Then beware of Unità di analisi sul crimine informatico Virus, a malignant ransomware which is controlled with the assistance of devious, secretly running Revoyem Trojan files. The infection can be slipped onto the PC without your notice because schemers behind it are experienced with malware distribution and know all of the Windows security vulnerabilities which could be used to take over your personal computer. What happens when the Trojan is activated onto the PC? As experts have discovered, the threat reconfigures the Windows Registry and removes access to the Task Manager. Of course, the most notable symptom linked to the threat is the computer lock-down. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to recognize and remove the infection than it may seem at first. Please continue reading to learn how to remove Unità di analisi sul crimine informatico Virus from the infected computer. Read more »

Počítač je uzamčen poskytovatele služeb Internetu Virus

Počítač je uzamčen poskytovatele služeb Internetu Virus

Počítač je uzamčen poskytovatele služeb Internetu Virus is a devious threat and your obligation is to ensure that the operating Windows system is guarded against this malicious ransomware. If you are not competent enough to keep the system shielded against virtual threats or if you have not installed authentic malware detection and removal software, the ransomware could have entered the system in many ways. Bundled downloads, corrupted websites, fictitious software updates and other tricks could be used as malware backdoors, and so the infamous Revoyem Trojan could have been infiltrated without your notice. The Trojan can then modify the system and its settings so that access to the desktop would be locked the moment you turn on the computer. What happens if the threat corrupts the computer? Your next step must be Počítač je uzamčen poskytovatele služeb Internetu Virus removal. Read more »

Der Computer ist gesperrt Internetdienstanbieter Virus

Der Computer ist gesperrt Internetdienstanbieter Virus is a ransomware infection that tries to steal your money. It pretends to be part of the law enforcement authorities in Austria. Once the infection takes place, Der Computer ist gesperrt Internetdienstanbieter Virus locks you out of your computer and displays a fraudulent notification. The notification is supposed to make you think that you have committed a terrible crime. However, that is not the case, as the infection simply wants you to give away your money. Remove Der Computer ist gesperrt Internetdienstanbieter Virus with a powerful computer security application once you restore your desktop access. Read more »