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dosearches researchers warn that you need to be extra cautious about dosearches. This is a browser hijacker which is represented through an allegedly reliable search tool. The search engine has been developed by Seablue Technology Limited and we have no doubt that this company has no regard for your virtual security. What do they want then? The answer is simple and straightforward – they want money. As research has revealed, suspicious software developers can sell information collected by installed web cookies or they can earn money by redirecting you to random sites without your consent. For example, if you browse the unreliable search engine you will be forwarded to the Yahoo search page This is extremely suspicious, and so we recommend that you delete dosearches hijacker as soon as possible. Read more »


StrongVault is a free application that promotes itself as a reliable files back-up program that you can use to automatically backup your files. It claims that 100% of hard drives eventually crash, so if you want to protect your photos for free, you should make use of StrongVault. Unfortunately, this free application is often considered to be a potentially unwanted program, because it is related to various security issues. Although it is not a malicious infection itself, in the long run it could expose your system to dangerous threats, and thus you should remove StrongVault as soon as possible. Read more »


ADWARE/bProtect.D virus is a highly suspicious adware program which may support a number of unreliable browser plugins. Accordingly to researchers, the potentially dangerous program usually travels bundled with Conduit programs. Some of the most recently analyzed programs from this group include Travelocity Toolbar, Midicair Toolbar and DVDVideoSoft Toolbar. Even though in most cases users are aware about the installed application, as it is represented during the installation of the software, in other cases it could access your browsers without your knowledge. Is this dangerous? You should be merciless to the programs, plugins and other tools which start manipulating your personal computer and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers without your knowledge. Needless to say, we recommend having ADWARE/bProtect.D virus deleted from the computer and browsers. Read more »

Dealio Toolbar

Dealio Toolbar

Dealio Toolbar is a browser add-on that is promoted by Spigot. The toolbar is also available at,,, and some other free software websites. It has been found that the toolbar is bundled with third-party applications, which are very often categorized as potentially unwanted programs or adware. As you may tell, it is important to become acquainted with the terms of use and uncheck or check particular boxes in order to prevent unwanted consequences. When you install an unwanted program, do not keep it on the PC but remove it from the computer as soon as possible. Read more »

If you are struggling to remove from your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, we regret to inform you but your browsers have been hijacked. The clandestine infection may have entered your personal computer alongside recently installed freeware, and if you were not informed about the changes, you should remove the malicious software right away. At first sight, the search engine may seem authentic and reliable; however, if you perform any web searches you will discover that you are being redirected to,,, and, accordingly to the search module you use. Read more »

TidyNetwork virus

TidyNetwork is not necessary a virus; however, it certainly acts as a potentially unwanted program. If you land on you are introduced to the so-called Virtual Layer Advertising platform, which is supposed to help you save time and money when browsing the web. It is promised that the browser plugin available from the site can highlight exclusive deals without any charge, which is why many Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users have already installed it onto their PCs. As soon as you click the download button and hit Run the add-on is installed without introducing you to any installation setups. Even though the installer is ‘silent’ you can find the privacy policies related to the plugin at the bottom of the download page. We strongly recommend that you read this document to find out how your security is handled by the plugin. Do you want to delete TidyNetwork virus? This is what we recommend, and so you should continue reading. Read more »

Softonic-Eng Toolbar

Softonic-Eng Toolbar is a browser plugin that is not a direct system threat, but it should not be allowed to stay on your computer. It can be considered a potentially unwanted program due to the fact that in the long run it exposes your system to dangerous infections, and you could end up with a serious Trojan or a virus on your computer eventually. Not to mention that it interferes with your browsing process and it is extremely annoying. Remove Softonic-Eng Toolbar from your computer and then make sure that there are no other potentially unwanted programs installed. Read more »


Have you discovered biclient.exe on your Task Manager? In many cases the suspicious executable uses a lot of virtual memory which may slow down your personal computer and disrupt certain day-to-day Windows tasks. As research shows, the file is usually found o Windows XP/Vista/7 and its size may vary from just 159K. Where does the file hide? According to researchers, the threat is usually found under %TEMP%; however, there always is a chance that you will find the component someplace else. This does not mean that the file is operating differently or is easier to remove. Should you remove biclient.exe? Our spyware specialists recommend that you delete this executable right away because it is related to malicious programs. Please continue reading to learn more about the threat. Read more »


Browsefox is a browser add-on which is supposed to improve your browsing experience, according to the official website of the application. It is presented as a very useful tool for it is said to help you save your time and money as Browsefox provides you with various online deals. Browsefox is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, and even thought it has its official site, you should keep in mind that it can also be attached to freeware. It is not enough to click the Next/Install button for some important tick-boxes may be provided. Read the terms of use, and if you find them vague or think that the major or additional program may have some negative effect, cancel the installation. Read more »

If the home page of your web browsers has been changed to – your computer has been corrupted by a browser hijacker. If you are continuously being rerouted to this page without your consent – you are dealing with a redirect virus. Either way, the infection is highly dangerous and you should delete it from the operating Windows system right away. The removal process depends on the severity of the threat and the security state of your personal computer. For example, if you have set the suspicious search engine as your home page when installing freeware, you might be able to fix the issue manually. However, if the devious hijacker has taken over your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other browsers illegally, the problem is much more complicated. So, how should you remove hijacker from the browsers and the computer? Read more »