What is Rogue:JS/FakeAlert?

You need to keep the system protected against Rogue:JS/FakeAlert because this malicious threat could expose Windows backdoors and enable schemers to infiltrate malware onto your operating system. The clandestine infection acts as a backdoor itself as it corrupts HTML pages and displays fictional information. For example, the threat can activate a fictitious online scanner. If you land on this corrupted page, the fake scanner immediately starts examining your PC and then tries to convince you that you need to install a special program to remove all allegedly existing threats. Note that there are legitimate online scanners; however, this is a vulnerability that cyber criminals have employed to trick careless Windows users into infecting their own systems without even knowing it. All in all, having Rogue:JS/FakeAlert deleted is important and researchers have analyzed the infection to assist you.

How does Rogue:JS/FakeAlert work?

Our researchers have discovered that the malicious Rogue:JS/FakeAlert most often acts as a fake online scanner. As soon as you are routed to the misleading page, which can happen if you click on corrupted links, you are told that your PC is infected with malicious programs which you should remove. Do not believe that your operating system is infected with Trojans or other indicated infections. All of this is just a scam to convince you that you need to install a rogue anti-spyware program. Therefore, no matter how believable or intimidating the information may seem – ignore it. Make sure you ignore these fake alerts:

Attention! Your Computer is Infected! […]
This program is potentially dangerous for your system. HAckaTack stealing passwords, credit cards and other personal information from your computer.

You need to remove this threat as soon as possible!
Full system cleanup
In order to protect your computer Safety Center detected several viruses and troyans which need to be immediately removed.

If you believe that you need to remove malware and accept the offered tool, you will download one of the many fake AV tools which keep being reported by researchers. Titan Antivirus 2013, Antivirus Security Pro, My Safe PC 2014 Virus or Antiviral Factory 2013 are only few of the many malicious rogues which could attack your personal computer. If you let these threats in soon enough you will discover that access to Task Manager or Registry Editor has been removed and that you cannot run most executable files, including those opening web browsers. If you do not want your operating Windows system infected with malware, or get yourself fooled into paying money for bogus malware detection and removal software, you should delete Rogue:JS/FakeAlert.

How to remove Rogue:JS/FakeAlert?

The only way to prevent rogue software from entering your personal computer is by ensuring that all security vulnerabilities are fixed. Rogue:JS/FakeAlert can open up backdoors and expose you to malware which is why we strongly recommend that you immediately install automatic spyware detection and removal software to keep the system guarded at all times. If you have already been exposed to the infection and it is now running on the PC, you can use the same security tools to have Rogue:JS/FakeAlert deleted. To have malware removed and the operating system shielded – install the authentic and reliable malware remover SpyHunter.

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