Monthly Archives: September 2013 - Page 10 is not the search engine you should trust, especially if it has corrupted the home page of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. How did this hijacker take over your web browsers? It could have been installed by a malicious computer infection or it could have come together with an unreliable browser plugin. Have you recently installed a toolbar or a different browser add-on without paying attention to the installation setup? Then there is a chance that you have been informed about the changes and you accepted them by installing the program that the search tools are attached to. Even though this is extremely tricky such activity is not illegal. Do you want to remove This is what we recommend, and so you should continue reading the report supported by the experts. Read more »

Travelocity Toolbar

Travelocity Toolbar

Travelocity Toolbar is a browser add-on which features various links related to travels, flights, car renting, and other vacation matters. The application is available at or Even thought the application presents the services provided by Travelocity, an online travel agency, it was published by Conduit. Needless to say, Conduit Search is promoted by Travelocity Toolbar, so if you do not want to browse the Internet through the unwanted search engine, you should remove the toolbar in question. Read more »


If you have discovered Hao123 plugins installed onto your browser, there is no doubt that apf003.sys (13.23 KB) is running on the operating system. Even if you cannot locate this system file it does not mean that it does not exist, and researchers have discovered that the element is usually located under %WINDIR%\system32. The highly suspicious component can affect Windows 7/Vista/XP users who are running either 32-bit or 64-bit versions. As research shows, in most cases, the file is hidden so it would not be harmed by the user; however, this also means that it may be quite difficult to delete apf003.sys. Please continue reading to learn more about the file and its removal. Read more »


B34btbztdb0vavaw.exe (149,504 bytes) is a malicious rootkit file which is often linked to the existence of ransomware Trojans. If you have discovered this executable running on your operating Windows system, soon enough it could be locked without a possibility to access a desktop. In this case we urge you to install automatic spyware detection and removal software as soon as possible. In case you are already dealing with the removed privileges over the system we can help you with the situation. The experienced researchers have analyzed ransomware Trojans numerous of times, and so now we have enough knowledge over the threat and its removal. Please continue reading to learn more about B34btbztdb0vavaw.exe removal and ransomware infections. Read more »


If you have discovered that your operating Windows system is being slowed down by NTRedirect.dll, you have to remove Babylon related software. According to researchers, this suspicious file is linked to Babylon Toolbar, Babylon Search and similar browser plugins. Have you installed these on your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers? Note that these applications can be distributed alongside freeware you install which means that they could exist without your consent. Without a doubt this is not something you should ignore, and so we strongly recommend that you examine the suspicious file and remove it if required. If you do not know how to remove NTRedirect.dll from the operating Windows system, we recommend that you read this report. Read more » is a search engine that may become your search provider and home page one day if you install a program promoting the search engine in question. It is categorized as a browser hijacker because it can replace the present search provider and startup page. The reason why this occurs is that computer users tend to skip the terms of use and additional programs that are promoted by the installer. Whenever you launch the setup file of any program, read the information you are provided with; otherwise, you may have to resolve serious issues regarding the settings of your browsers. Do not worry if is already on your browsers – you can easily remove the unwanted search engine with a reliable spyware removal tool. Read more »

Win.Trojan 588749

Has your PC been scanned and it has been indicated that your operating Windows system is infected with the supposedly malicious infection Win.Trojan 588749? We have good and bad news for you. This is not a real infection and so you should not be scared that it will harm your system or cause virtual security risks. The bad news is that you are running the out-of-date version of ClamAV – an anti-spyware tool which is supposed to guard your personal computer against malware. Needless to say, this is not a reliable security program/computer scanner, and you need to update it or remove it from the system as soon as possible. According to researchers, the faulty scanner lists setup_wm.exe as the malicious Trojan; however, in reality this file is harmless and represents the Microsoft Windows Media Configuration Utility. Do you want to learn more about the suspicious threat or how to remove Win.Trojan 588749 related software? Then continue reading. Read more »


It may be difficult to detect Trojan:Win32/Jpgiframe.A running on the operating Windows system; however, if you do not locate and remove this infection– soon enough your virtual security could be put in serious danger. As research shows, the infection does not have an interface and most Windows users notice Windows dysfunctions related to it too late. Needless to say, this helps the schemers who have developed the threat to perform highly clandestine tasks within or even from your personal computer. It has been discovered that infected machines are often manipulated to act as malware distributors, which means that by having the system infected with this threat you may be involved in illegal operations. This is incredibly vicious, and so it is important that you keep your PC guarded against the threat or remove Trojan:Win32/Jpgiframe.A if it has already entered the system. Read more »

Midicair Toolbar

Midicair Toolbar

If you have just installed Midicair Toolbar, you should know that this application is a Community Toolbar, which is owned by Conduit. The toolbar is also referred to as Top 10 Toolbar, and it is available at We recommend that you remove Midicair Toolbar due to the fact that it promotes Conduit Search, which is regarded as an insecure search engine. Additionally, Midicair Toolbar can be attached to various free computer applicants that are available at different sources, which helps software publishers promote their products. As a result, if you do not want to try out the applications that are attached to the setup file of the program that you have downloaded, do not forget to read the terms of use and (un)tick particular boxes in order to prevent those extra programs. Read more »

Slick Savings

Slick Savings is a potentially unwanted program that displays coupon offers. These coupons are supposed to improve your online shopping experience, because they basically discount offers that allow you to purchase your favorite goods at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, such browser extensions always come with the catch, and the problem with Slick Savings is that it is not a very secure application, and it could be exploited by malicious third parties. Therefore, you are highly recommended to remove Slick Savings from your computer in order to avoid potential malicious infections and protect yourself from harm. Read more »