Monthly Archives: September 2013 is an adware platform that is responsible for generating a mass of pop-up advertisements. It is very likely that has been installed on your computer without your permission, or you simply overlooked the fact that additional adware program has been installed, because such applications often come bundled with various other extensions and programs. This advertising service might seriously jeopardize your system security, so it is important to remove from your computer along with other potentially hazardous applications, in order to protect your computer and yourself from cyber criminal attacks. Read more »


Are you familiar with the controversial BitCoinMiner programs? According to researchers, the virtual world is flooded with different bitcoin mining programs which are supposed to create a virtual currency usable for various monetary transactions. Even though there are authentic and legitimate bitcoin miners which you could use to create virtual money, many of them are malicious and belong to cyber criminals. In case the devious program enters your operating Windows system, there is a possibility that soon enough you will discover that your PC is running slower than usual, which is extremely irritating. Please continue reading to learn more about malicious bitcoin miners and about BitCoinMiner removal. Read more »


DSearchLink.exe is a file which is installed along with a browser hijacker which changes the home page and the default search engine into The changes can be made on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, and by removing the so-called hijacker, you will also get rid of the unwanted file. It is not enough to end the process in the Task Manager because all the malicious files that are related to DSearchLink.exe have to be removed from the computer, too. Read more »

A malicious browser hijacker may take over your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers if you do not install authentic malware detection and removal tools onto your operating system. The clandestine hijacker can utilize security backdoors and vulnerabilities to slither onto the PC and only authentic security software can ensure that these are guarded against any illicit breaching. The vicious infection takes after,, and other well-known browser hijackers which have been discovered to reconfigure the Properties of your browser shortcuts. Schemers behind the hijacker have employed this trick so that removal would be much more complicated. Despite that, we can help you deleted the clandestine infection from the computer. Read more » is a decent Internet search engine that has been presented as a fresh and interesting website a few years ago on various online news blogs. It is often considered to be free software that is distributed under Perl 5 license. However, some users report that hijacks their browsers and change your home page addresses. It is definitely a reported case that is not made up, however, the one responsible for such occurrence is not the website itself, but a browser hijacker that exploits it. If you have been infected with a browser hijacker, and you want to remove from your browser, scroll down to the bottom of this article. Read more »



Rebateinformer is a tremendously suspicious browser plugin which comes bundled with a number of potentially undesirable software. According to researchers, the application has been designed to provide you with virtual coupons and cash backs when shopping online (e.g., Needless to say, if the service was 100% secure and beneficial, we would not be reporting the application and dragging more attention to it. Unfortunately, some computer users have found this application highly suspicious, and some security experts rush to call the plugin adware – advertisement supported application which promotes sponsored products and services. Without a doubt, if you wish to remove Rebateinformer from the operating system we can help you perform the task successfully. All you have to do is continue reading. Read more »

Facebook Stalker Virus

Facebook Stalker Virus is technically not a computer virus as it affects Facebook accounts at the social networking website, but it can cause serious security programs so one should not ignore it. Most of the time users are tricked into making use of Facebook Stalker Virus for keeping track on who visits their profile (needless to say, that this function does not work). Since you cannot allow this infection to take over your Facebook account, make sure that you get rid of Facebook Stalker Virus as soon as possible by changing your Facebook password and then investing in a reliable antimalware tool. Read more »

Boby Lyrics

Boby Lyrics is a browser extension that is more annoying than useful. It is part of the newest batch of browser plug-ins that is supposed to help you search for song lyrics online. It is yet another program that promotes itself with a slogan “YouTube meets Karaoke”, although the question is whether you really need a program with that kind of functions, especially when you need to take into consideration all the side effects that may be dangerous to your system. Read more »


If you have opened the Task Manager and discovered mrprotection.exe running on the computer, you need to remove this file as soon as possible. If you have not witnessed it already, the malicious file is linked to a vicious rogue anti-spyware program which uses a deceptive PC scanner to lure out your money. Needless to say, the rogue does not run on one file, and so there is a chance that tens of devious components are running on the system without your knowledge and authorization. If you do not delete all of the malign components from the computer, soon enough you could be flooded with fictitious information related to your virtual security and malware removal. Please continue reading to learn how to remove mrprotection.exe related malware from your own Windows system. Read more »


Adware:Win32/EoRezo is a suspicious advertisement-supported application which is linked to the truly questionable The website promotes eoNet, eoClock, eoDudoku and eoWeather, and these programs are meant to be attached to your Windows desktop. If your operating system is safeguarded by authentic malware detection and removal software, you will not be allowed to install these applications onto the computer because security tools recognize them as malicious. If you choose to install these apps onto the computer, soon enough you will discover that various irritating advertisements are popping up and disturbing the running of your browsers. If you have noticed this already, we recommend that you delete Adware:Win32/EoRezo from the computer as soon as possible. Read more »