Facebook Stalker Virus

Facebook Stalker Virus is technically not a computer virus as it affects Facebook accounts at the social networking website, but it can cause serious security programs so one should not ignore it. Most of the time users are tricked into making use of Facebook Stalker Virus for keeping track on who visits their profile (needless to say, that this function does not work). Since you cannot allow this infection to take over your Facebook account, make sure that you get rid of Facebook Stalker Virus as soon as possible by changing your Facebook password and then investing in a reliable antimalware tool.

Where does Facebook Stalker Virus come from?

There are quite a few stalker apps that are promoted via Facebook advertisements. Most of them say that if you allow this app to get access to your personal data, it will keep track on who is visiting your page and you will be able to literally “stalk” those people, and see what they are doing.

Naturally, Facebook Stalker Virus cannot do anything of the kind. The key point in this malicious exploitation lies in the fact users usually allow this infection to take over their accounts themselves. That is to say – they give permission for Facebook Stalker Virus to manage their personal data willingly.

What does Facebook Stalker Virus do?

If you give Facebook Stalker Virus a permission to access your account information, the infection will spread further promoting itself for the people in your contact list. Although it may seem that this application can really give you a list of people who visit your profile, the real reason why Facebook Stalker Virus is your personal information – with your permission to access it the infection participates in an identity theft. In other words, it is a phishing scam.

What is more, it can expose you to various links to suspicious websites that should be ignored, otherwise you could get infected with real malware, and your computer system would be in danger.

How to remove Facebook Stalker Virus?

Since this infection is part of Facebook social network, it is very unlikely that something on your computer would have caused it. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to run a full system scan with SpyHunter canner in order to check your current state of system security.

Also, to protect your data from such infections as Facebook Stalker Virus, you should change your Facebook password immediately, and then go through your privacy settings on the site, in order to disable this application, and all the others that you either do not use or do not even need.

Do not forget that each time you approve of some application on Facebook, you allow a third party to access your personal information. Hence, make sure you know whom you share it with.

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