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XP Defender Plus 2013

XP Defender Plus 2013

XP Defender Plus 2013 is a malicious and deceitful rogue anti-spyware program which belongs to the Braviax, also known as Fake Rean, family. The application has been created and dropped onto the PC by cyber criminals, who know plenty of tricks to infiltrate malware without any of your knowledge. Have you recently opened a spam email attachment, clicked on a suspicious link or downloaded a free program from a questionable file sharing site? Read more »

Evernote Hacked - Millions Must Change Passwords

Evernote Hacked - Millions Must Change Passwords

With Twitter, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook having been hit by hackers in the last few months, now it is Evernote’s turn. The company has announced that around 50 million users' personal data was compromised during a security breach on the first weekend of March. The users affected were informed about it in an email sent by the Evernote, asking them to reset their passwords. Evernote reported that the hackers tried to access secure areas of the service, but luckily they have not succeeded. Unfortunately, the hackers got their hands on millions of usernames, email addresses and passwords. Read more »

EasyLifeSearch app

EasyLifeSearch app is a new program promoted by Conduit, and many Windows users download it from The application is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers; however, researchers do not recommend installing it onto your personal computer. It would be unfair to say that the application is malicious; however, it can employ web cookies to retrieve information about your browsing habits. This is not illegal, and you should know about it, if you have read the Privacy Policy of the downloaded application. Nevertheless, it is your choice whether you want to run a program which can track your private information or not. Do you want to delete EasyLifeSearch app? Continue reading to learn more about the removal of this add-on. Read more »


Virus.Ramnit is a computer virus that can spread on its own through removable disk drives. The infection is configured to check for removable drives whenever it arrives on a new target system, so if a computer has Virus.Ramnit and someone plugs a USB drive into it, the virus automatically drops a copy of itself into the flash drive, thus continuing the distribution of infection. If you remove Virus.Ramnit from your computer right now, you will also prevent the infection from spreading further. Read more »

Bsaving Coupons

Bsaving Coupons is an application which you can accidentally acquire along with a free program downloaded from dubious websites. As the name of this browser add-on implies, this application displays coupons related to the items you are looking for. It is supposed to help you save money; however, if you have not even thought about using online coupons and now want to remove Bsaving Coupons from the PC, do right now. Read more »

Save Valet

If you have noticed Save Valet running on your browsers without your authorization, it might have entered alongside recently downloaded freeware. Regardless, you also could have installed the application from its official website, because the application is promoted as a tool which may help you “Discover deals from your favorite retailers”. Read more »

Invisible Keylogger 97

Invisible Keylogger 97 is a program that is able to track the key strokes you make on your computer. Initially it was released as an official program for Windows 95 and Windows 98. It helps users to review everything that has been typed on their keyboard during the day. Trial version of the program has a 500-stroke limit per session, while the full version of Invisible Keylogger 97 has no restrictions. The keylogger program is configured to start automatically whenever you turn on your computer. Although it is a legitimate program, it can also be used by cyber criminals to spy other users and to collect sensitive information. Thus it is highly recommended to remove Invisible Keylogger 97 from your system immediately. Read more » is a website that you may find on all of your browsers after a careless installation procedure of freeware.  Researchers call this website browser hijacker because, if attached to a free program, it changes the home page and search engine. Consequently, specific results, which very often do not satisfy the user of the infected computer, are presented, including pop-up advertisements and links to unwanted websites. Read more »



InstantSavingsApp is a browser plug-in which is supposed to help you save money and time. It is aimed at helping you find the best deals which is done by displaying relevant offers and coupons in the top right of the browser while you are browsing the Internet. If one seeks to get some advantage, the application may be appreciated and valued; however, not all of you would agree that this application is helpful. Read more » Redirect Redirect

Have your home page and search engine been changed to The website works as a portal to such popular sources as Facebook, eBay or YouTube and provides you with Google search. As research shows, links to these sites work correctly, and you should not fear being redirected to sites related to phishing scams. Nonetheless, it is questionable how browser settings are reconfigured to make the site your home page. Have you initiated this modification? Read more »