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Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus

Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus

Once your operating Windows system becomes locked by the vicious Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus, there is nothing else you should do but have the malicious infection removed. The main objective of the ransomware is to trick you into sending a bogus text message (SMS) for a completely fictitious Windows license verification. Even though it is stated that the SMS is free-of-charge, in reality you will be charged incredible sums for sending it. Needless to say, the accumulated gains end up in the pockets of cyber criminals, which is why you should ignore the screen-locking alert and delete Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus without further hesitation. Read more »

Software Education Hijacker

If your browsing sessions are interrupted by abrupt redirecting to, there is no doubt that the malicious Software Education Hijacker has corrupted your operating system and Internet browsers. The devious redirect virus could have accessed your PC after clicking on misleading online ads or random links, downloading from P2P file-sharing sites or opening spam email attachments. These security gaps are often utilized by schemers to infect targeted systems with devious, clandestine, treacherously running infections. Fortunately, the vicious hijacker is a visible infection, Read more »

Why do I see this page Virus

Why do I see this page Virus

Why do I see this page is a malicious message from computer malware that does not allow you to access a list of popular social networking websites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and so on). The message displayed claims that you have been engaged in "unusual activity" and therefore you need to complete a survey in order to access the blocked websites. Needless to say, that Why do I see this page message is not legitimate and it has been devised in order to generate financial gain for cyber criminals. Instead of paying your money for nothing, you have to remove Why do I see this page malware from your computer and protect your system from similar intruders. Read more »

Tuvaro Toolbar

Tuvaro Toolbar

Tuvaro Toolbar is a browser extension which has been developed by Montera Technologeis LTD and which you can acquire from third-party members, including As you install the add-on onto your personal Windows system, you are prompted with a setup wizard which asks you whether you want to set as your home page and the default search engine. Unfortunately, many Windows users miss the step and then blame Tuvaro for hijacking their Google Chrome, Read more »


Trojan.Sality is a highly dangerous infection which can connect the infected computer to a botnet and download additional files. As the threat is able to disable security programs, your anti-virus software may not detect the infection.  The threat attempts to infect every executable file which is located on local, removable and other drives.  At the time when the threat was created, it was less complicated because it was able only to download new malware and record the user’s keystrokes. Read more »

Cool Mirage Ltd

Cool Mirage Ltd is a computer software developer which is best known for its product The official website of the company is and here you can download the promoted browser extension on your Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers. The application is advertised as a tool which allows you to view images found within various sites in higher quality, and it is disclosed that over 1.5 million users have already employed the add-on. spyware researchers state that the program is not malicious; however, Read more »


Worm:Win32/Morto.A is a dangerous computer worm which is employed by remote attackers in order to get unauthorized access to an infected computer. It has been created to compromise administrator passwords; as a result, it is highly advisable to change login data  if the threat has already infected the system, especially if the usernames and passwords are such as admin, admin2, administrator and 123, 123456, 111111, respectively. Read more »

Mixmeister Search

If you think that your browsers can be affected by Mixmeister software, you are quite mistaken. The software which enables you to refine a music mix does not contain any spyware or malware applications. If you think that the search provider you are forced to used is associated with Mixmeister and therefore can be called Mixmeister Search, keep in mind that there are a lot of free programs which can be bundled with various programs. The producer of the software for playing and producing music does not try to promote any additional toolbars or search engines, so if your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla have been modified, it implies that you have downloaded the software from other sources. Read more »

BlackHole Trojan

If your PC is running disorderly, BlackHole Trojan could be running without any of your acknowledgement. The malicious infection is also know by such names as Backdoor:Win32/Musminim.A, BDS/BlackHol.A and HackTool.Win32.BlackHole.a. The clandestine program can be propagated onto your computer via various security backdoors, including spam email attachments, black-hat SEO scams and bundled downloads, and it is categorized as a backdoor Trojan. This discloses that the malicious application could be used to create connection to remote servers and perform distributed denial of service attacks. Read more »


If you have noticed that your Internet browsers are being flooded with various pop-up advertisements, you should consider the activity of Flyswat. Even though the official page of the application is considered, currently it is unreachable. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the suspicious BHO cannot run on your personal computer. The application collects information about your browsing habits and then sends it to online marketers who can use it to distribute various pop-ups ads. You may discover the application after you perform a web search and notice some of the keywords highlighted. Overall, researchers recommend having Flyswat deleted. Please continue reading to learn more about the infection and its removal. Read more »