What is Virus.Ramnit?

Virus.Ramnit is a computer virus that can spread on its own through removable disk drives. The infection is configured to check for removable drives whenever it arrives on a new target system, so if a computer has Virus.Ramnit and someone plugs a USB drive into it, the virus automatically drops a copy of itself into the flash drive, thus continuing the distribution of infection. If you remove Virus.Ramnit from your computer right now, you will also prevent the infection from spreading further.

What does Virus.Ramnit do?

Virus.Ramnit corrupts executable and HTML files. It has no exact infection symptoms so the virus can remain in your system for a considerable period of time, before it gets noticed. A process file associated with Virus.Ramnit is called Srv.exe and if you see this process on a running processes list on Windows Task Manager it is a strong indicator that your system might be compromised by a virus. To be exactly sure, download SpyHunter free scanner and run a full system scan. The scanner will detect Virus.Ramnit and all the other malicious infections (if any) that are hiding in your system.

Infecting HTML files is not the only thing this malware does. Virus.Ramnit can also open a backdoor that allows other malicious program to easily arrive at your system. Since this virus can connect to a remote server behind your back, it downloads and installs malware with ease. What is more, Virus.Ramnit is related to Worm:Win32/Ramnit.A, so it is more than likely that it brings a horde of other malicious threats onto your PC.

How to remove Virus.Ramnit?

You clearly must remove Virus.Ramnit as soon as possible to avoid an ultimate system crash and other consequences such as sensitive data theft. Therefore, you have to acquire a legitimate antimalware tool that would remove the virus for you automatically. At the same time, you will delete other malware from your system and safeguard your PC against future threats.

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