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Trojan.FraudPack else known as Trojan:Win32/Yektel.A is a Trojan infection that is part of fake antivirus program distribution circle. There is an entire family of Trojan.FraudPack infections that display fake warnings in order for computer users to download and install rogue antispyware (fake AV) applications such a Antivirus 2009, Cyber Protection Center, Antivirus 8 and others. In order to avoid getting infected with rogue antispyware users must remove Trojan.FraudPack from their systems and avoid clicking links displayed on the notifications that are generated by this malware. Read more »

Antivirus Security 2013

Several days ago we reported that a new rogue anti-virus program has been attributed to the Rogue.WinWebSec family. This time we want to report that one more threat called Antivirus Security 2013 has been detected. Those of you who have never encountered a fake anti-virus program should know that such programs as Antivirus Security 2013 are created to deceive computer users into thinking that their computers are infected; hence the user is expected to purchase or activate the full version of the program. Unfortunately, the anti-virus program in question cannot do anything related to the security of computers. Read more »

Bucksbee Search

Bucksbee Search is a browser helper object that promotes itself as a tool that helps you save money on your online purchase. Just like with most browser extensions that display coupon deals or advertisements on events, Bucksbee Search can be installed on most of the browsers. However, if your default browser is Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, you will get an fcreward component installed on your PC, and you will see it on your Control Panel. Yet, no such component is installed if your main browser is Mozilla Firefox. Consequently, Bucksbee Search removal process is different for all browsers. This application claims that once you create a free account on its website, then you can get an access to a list of deals from the brands that belong to Bucksbee network. Read more » Redirect Redirect is a website that gets entered as your homepage and default search engine when you download and install IAC Search & Media browser plugins bundled with freeware. Browser toolbars that are related to include Search Results Toolbar and Searchnu Toolbar, although if you download something from a third party, it is very likely that is attached to any free software application, because it is possible to exploit such extensions due to their low security levels.  website can affect Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You should remove from your PC and restore default browser settings in order to protect yourself and your computer from dangerous malware infections. Read more »

You have 48 hours to pay the fine

You have 48 hours to pay the fine Virus is a devious ransomware infection managed by the infamous Reveton Trojan. The clandestine infection manifests through a screen-locking notification supposedly sent by national authorities, including Europol, Bundespolizei, Australian Federal Police or the ICE Cyber Crimes Center. All malicious infections from this faction are targeted at specific countries, including Canada, the U.S., Spain and Greece. Read more »

AVASoft Professional Antivirus

AVASoft Professional Antivirus

AVASoft Professional Antivirus is a dangerous computer virus which can lead you to sensitive data and money loss as it has been created to deceive you and make you pay money voluntarily. It is a fake anti-virus program which is also a clone of such malware programs as Disk Antivirus Professional, System Progressive Protection, Live Security and some more, all of which can be referred to as the Rogue.WinWebSec family. Read more »


TrojanDownloader:Win32/Adload.DA is a well known spyware downloader which was first detected in September of 2011. The precarious program may be infiltrated onto your operating Windows system without any of your knowledge using multiple security backdoors. Some of the most popular vulnerabilities schemers use to drop malignant files onto targeted computers include spam email attachments, bundled downloads, blackhat SEO scams, Read more » is the official website of the infamous browser add-on Coupon Drop Down which is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. The extension has been developed by Excellent Apps and published by 215 Apps. Many Windows users download the application because it is stated that “CouponDropDown saves you money by displaying coupons while you shop online!” Even though the add-on promises you saving deals when shopping Read more »

Flipora Hijacker

Flipora Hijacker

Flipora Hijacker is a browser helper object that is directly related to Flipora feedshare website at that provides you with the latest feeds from various social networking websites. Flipora is connected to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other similar websites that has a constant feed of various posts on almost any topic imaginable. Read more »

Chitka Pop-ups

Chitka pop up is a piece of adware which may get to your computer in different ways. It could be freeware, a browser helper object or just a click on an advertisement that caused the installation of the unwanted application. In any case, it is important to implement a reliable spyware removal tool so that it can fully remove the infection. Read more »