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Hacktool.Crack.Office2007Enterpr is an illegal application which is used for generating a key which can be used multiple times. The activation key is valid; however, it is not a genuine volume license product key (VLK). It can be used by business corporations and other institutions, and it does not require you to register the license online or via phone. Despite the fact that some computer users find Hacktool.Crack.Office2007Enterpr helpful, it is an illegal tool which can also pose some problems, which is why you should remove it from the system as soon as you can. Read more »


Antiprotect is a rogue antispyware application else known as fake antivirus. It is a Korean program and thus it caters for the main issue of Korean cyber world, which is private data leaks. Unlike usual fake AVs that claim they can remove malware from your computer, Antiprotect claims that it can protect your social security number, IDs and passwords from being leaked. However, this program cannot live up to its promises as it is a fake application that targets your money. That is to say, Antiprotect requires payment for protection, and if you do so, you will fall into a trap. You need to remove Antiprotect from your system immediately to avoid serious consequences. Read more »


FinSpy is a general detection name for a Trojan that can be used for spying unsuspecting computer users. There are quite a few detection names for this computer threat including Trojan-Spy:W32/FinSpyA, Monitoring-Tool:Android/FinSpy.C, Trojan-Spy:WinCE/FinSpy.A, Trojan-Spy:iPhoneOS/FinSpy.A and others. From its name it is possible to infer that FinSpy is able to infect various operating systems including mobile ones, which poses a great threat for everyone connected to the Internet, considering the fast-growing number of mobile device users. Since FinSpy cannot be detected by a user himself, the system should be periodically scanned by an antimalware that would remove FinSpy immediately once detected. Read more »


If your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers get infected by Adware.DealPly, you can expect tens of different pop-up ads bombarding your personal Windows system. According to researchers, the suspicious application is represented through the official web page Here you are introduced to an add-on which supposedly can enhance your online shopping experience. Do you want to utilize virtual coupons and receive random saving deals whilst you surf Amazon, eBay, BestBuy and similar shopping sites? We do not recommend trusting DealPly Technologies and their product to present you with reliable services. In fact, it would be best to delete Adware.DealPly from your operating Windows system. And how should you remove it from the PC? Read more »


VirTool:MSIL/Injector.P is a hazardous Trojan horse which will try to compromise your PC once it gets to the system.  The threat functions as a malware downloader as it malicious component enable remote attacker to send commands in order to gain control over the victimized computer. VirTool:MSIL/Injector.P does not have an interface and you can learn about its presence through the symptoms exhibited by  the affiliated files. Read more »


DssAgent/Broadcast, also known as Spyware:Win32/BrodcastDSSAGENT, is a malicious program which has been discovered accessing operating Windows systems with popular Broderbund and Learning Company products, all of which had been developed before 2002. If you have installed any of these programs and now your personal computer is running unbearably slowly, it is possible that your PC has been attacked by the malicious program. Even though the application may have been created as an updates mechanism, it certainly can initiate various dangerous processes. There is no doubt that you need to track and delete all of the malicious files related to the application. Please continue reading to learn more about DssAgent/Broadcast removal and the importance of this task. Read more »


Adware.PricePeep refers to a browser plug-in which is aimed at helping you improve your browsing experience. The application presents different coupons and the best deals which are said to help you save money. The add-on can be downloaded from as well as downloaded alongside free programs. Those who think that this application has been installed without their approval may think that PricePeep is adware, which is why a lot of computer users refer to the add-on as Adware.PricePeep. Read more »



Sweetpacks is a website that distributes a few applications. Generally it is identified as SweetIM Search Toolbar. So, although is a web page users often perform online searches with this keyword having in mind none the other but SweetIM Search Toolbar. This browser plugin is one of the few applications distributed by this website. Read more »


The malicious Trojan:AutoIt/LockScreen.A is a computer infection which has initiated the lock-down of your operating Windows system. Also known as LockScreen.Cl, the clandestine Trojan is responsible for such detrimental infections as the GEMA Virus, Read more »


Trojan.Tobfy is a dangerous Trojan horse which distributes ransomware scams in order to persuade computer users to pay money so that they can unlock their computers. You may already know that ransomware infections alter the system with the result that the user cannot access the desktop and use the PC as usual. Moreover, the threat displays a full-screen warning which contains the credential of various institutions such as police Read more »