Invisible Keylogger 97

What is Invisible Keylogger 97?

Invisible Keylogger 97 is a program that is able to track the key strokes you make on your computer. Initially it was released as an official program for Windows 95 and Windows 98. It helps users to review everything that has been typed on their keyboard during the day. Trial version of the program has a 500-stroke limit per session, while the full version of Invisible Keylogger 97 has no restrictions. The keylogger program is configured to start automatically whenever you turn on your computer. Although it is a legitimate program, it can also be used by cyber criminals to spy other users and to collect sensitive information. Thus it is highly recommended to remove Invisible Keylogger 97 from your system immediately.

How does Invisible Keylogger 97 work?

In case the user has installed Invisible Keylogger 97 on his computer, then he assumes the whole responsibility for the program that is running. However, if the keylogger is exploited by a third party, it is very likely that it has arrived at your system as a complimentary part of some other infection such backdoor or Trojan. Invisible Keylogger 97 needs very little system memory to run, so there are no exact infection symptoms related to this program. You might not even notice that you are infected with the keylogger unless you check your Task Manager for unfamiliar process. The process that is related to Invisible Keylogger 97 is called “ik” and it can be seen running on the process list.

What do I do with Invisible Keylogger 97?

Obviously, you need to remove Invisible Keylogger 97 as soon as possible if you haven’t installed the program on your PC yourself. Since this program records and stores all of the key strokes that you make, it can easily collect such sensitive information as banking logins, passwords and other important data that can lead to money loss and identity theft. In order to avoid that, download SpyHunter free scanner and perform a full system scan to detect Invisible Keylogger 97 and other infections that possible had brought it onto your PC. Invest in a legitimate antimalware tool if need be.

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