What is DssAgent/Brodcast?

DssAgent/Broadcast, also known as Spyware:Win32/BrodcastDSSAGENT, is a malicious program which has been discovered accessing operating Windows systems with popular Broderbund and Learning Company products, all of which had been developed before 2002. If you have installed any of these programs and now your personal computer is running unbearably slowly, it is possible that your PC has been attacked by the malicious program. Even though the application may have been created as an updates mechanism, it certainly can initiate various dangerous processes. There is no doubt that you need to track and delete all of the malicious files related to the application. Please continue reading to learn more about DssAgent/Broadcast removal and the importance of this task.

How does DssAgent/Broadcast work?

According to Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers, the clandestine application has been noticed flooding DNS servers with unauthorized connections to such websites as brodcast.net. What is more, the malign program sets its processes as hidden, which means that you may know nothing about malware existence. Overall, you should beware of abrupt web page rerouting, appearing pop-ups ads and similar Internet connection dysfunctions. Slower computer operation speeds can also indicate the existence of malware on your PC. If you have noticed this – scan your PC and remove running infections.

All malignant processes are performed by such files as My Web Search Installer(0003fe3b).exe and GamingAssassin.exe. If your PC has been infected by malware prior to the appearance of DssAgent/Broadcast, malignant components could have been downloaded without any of your notice. Of course, they could have entered your operating Windows system via bundled downloads, spam email attachments, black-hat SEO scams and similar security backdoors. The activity of all dangerous files could be hidden by the malicious rootkit nbt.exe which is located under %APPDATA%. This component is essential for the smooth running of dssagent.exe (%WINDIR%) which can release pop-ups ads, utilize FTP connections to create contact with remote severs and utilize your personal email accounts to send spam. You need to delete it as soon as possible.

How to remove DssAgent/Broadcast?

DssAgent/Broadcast removal is an essential task which you need to perform right away. If you have never deleted computer infections before, it is not wise to continue with manual removal operations. Instead you should employ a reliable malware detection and removal tool SpyHunter which you can acquire by clicking on the presented download button. If you do not delete the sinister infection, the security of your Windows system could be breached by additional threats. Do you have more questions regarding he infection or is removal? Use the comment box below to post any disconcerting questions.

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