What is Antiprotect?

Antiprotect is a rogue antispyware application else known as fake antivirus. It is a Korean program and thus it caters for the main issue of Korean cyber world, which is private data leaks. Unlike usual fake AVs that claim they can remove malware from your computer, Antiprotect claims that it can protect your social security number, IDs and passwords from being leaked. However, this program cannot live up to its promises as it is a fake application that targets your money. That is to say, Antiprotect requires payment for protection, and if you do so, you will fall into a trap. You need to remove Antiprotect from your system immediately to avoid serious consequences.

What does Antiprotect do?

Antiprotect enters your system uninvited and performs registry modifications after which the program can run automatically whenever you turn on your computer. Once the program is on, Antiprotect performs a full system scan looking for any pieces of data that could "compromise" your data security. Actually, it may seem as though Antiprotect does the deal especially if you can read Korean and the main line on the rogue's interface:


내 주민등록번호 및 PC사용흔적, 밝히고 싶지않은 사생활 정보 님에게 노출되지 않을까?

내 PC를 위한 한께 있어 든든한 파트너! 쾌적하고 안전하게!!

Basically Antiprotect claims that it is a strong partner that can help you protect your personal data you don't want to be leaked on the Internet. Chances are that if you do not speak Korean, you will not get robbed by this program. You will probably want to close it immediately and remove it from your computer. Which is the thing you should do immediately!

How to remove Antiprotect?

In order to delete Antiprotect from your computer, you need to terminate the rogue's processes and then delete all the related files and registry entries. Users who are well-versed in computers should be able to terminate Antiprotect manually, but security experts usually recommend automatic removal, especially for users who are not computer experts. If you want to remove Antiprotect manually, perform a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner to check the exact locations of the rogue's files and then delete them. To delete this infection automatically, invest in a legitimate computer security tool and allow the program to remove Antiprotect for you.

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