What is Flyswat?

If you have noticed that your Internet browsers are being flooded with various pop-up advertisements, you should consider the activity of Flyswat. Even though the official page of the application is considered, currently it is unreachable. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the suspicious BHO cannot run on your personal computer. The application collects information about your browsing habits and then sends it to online marketers who can use it to distribute various pop-ups ads. You may discover the application after you perform a web search and notice some of the keywords highlighted. Overall, researchers recommend having Flyswat deleted. Please continue reading to learn more about the infection and its removal.

How does Flyswat act?

Once Flyswat is activated on your PC it starts collecting information regarding your surfing sessions, web preferences, etc. Is this illegal? If you have read the EULA of the application, you know that this activity is disclosed within the Privacy Policy. Nonetheless, it is important to stay cautious about any program which may record your personal or even non-identifiable information. Whilst some browser add-ons and programs are protected against various illegal or dangerous actions, some do not apply equally and reliable security protocols. This is a vulnerability that schemers could employ to access personal data and present you with numerous bogus pop-ups. Do you want to take the risk?

How to remove Flyswat?

Flyswat removal is important if you wish to secure your personal data against cyber crooks and their potentially malevolent intentions. SpyHunter is a reliable, automatic malware detection and removal tool which you can implement to delete Flyswat and other dangerous programs from the PC. Do you wish to acquire this program? Click on the download button, follow the provided instructions and allow the removal tool to delete all dangerous files, including flydesk.exe, fssetup.dll, etc. If you have more questions regarding the potential threat or its removal – feel free to post a comment below.

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