Malware - Page 5 category archyve: is a web page that employs malicious javascript in order to lock your browser and keep you on the page. It is a fake alert that informs you about non-existent crimes you supposedly committed and how you must pay a fine in order to avoid criminal sentence. Based on the behavior, is very similar to ransomware infections, but it does not infect your computer directly. In order words, you remove you simply need to close your browser and then make sure that you do not get redirect to the same page again. Read more »

Atencion Su Navegador Ha Sido Bloqueado Virus

Atencion Su Navegador Ha Sido Bloqueado Virus is an infected web page that displays a fake notification from the Spanish police office. You are seeing this message, because you have been redirected to a corrupted website. It may seem as though your computer has been infected with ransomware, but the presence of the message on your browser does not mean your computer has been infected. You can get rid of Atencion Su Navegador Ha Sido Bloqueado Virus by closing your browser, but a full system scan with a reliable antimalware tool is imminent, because you need to make sure your computer is safe. Read more »

Warnung! Zugang von Ihrem Browser wurde vorlaufig

If your Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari web browser has been covered by the Warnung! Zugang von Ihrem Browser wurde vorlaufig alert, there is no doubt that cyber criminals are trying to scam you into paying a bogus fine. You might face the devious ransomware after clicking on a corrupted link found in a spam email or even on some social networking site. Unfortunately, most computer users would not realize the danger of this corrupted link until the clandestine notification hijacks the browser. In order to restore access to corrupted browser and to ensure that no more security breaches are exposed, you should delete Warnung! Zugang von Ihrem Browser wurde vorlaufig ransomware as soon as possible. Read more »

Attentie! Uw Webbrowser wordt geblokkeerd virus

Attentie! Uw Webbrowser wordt geblokkeerd virus is not a real computer infection. It is only present on a corrupted website that you get redirected to via commercial ad or some other means. Attentie! Uw Webbrowser wordt geblokkeerd virus contains a malicious javascript that displays a fake notification from the Dutch police office (Korps Landelijke Politiediensten), and you are urged to pay a fine for a crime you have not committed. It is another type of ransomware, but unlike a real ransomware application Attentie! Uw Webbrowser wordt geblokkeerd virus can be removed from your computer with ease. Read more »

If you think that you can trust the warning available at, then you are seriously mistaken. The warning is a scam which is aimed at deceiving Windows and Apple users. According to the warning, you are accused of alleged involvement in the distribution of pornography and pirated material. The accusations are very similar to the accusations provided by screen lockers, which are malicious ransomware infections that disable the user’s access to the system. Read more »

Random Audio Ads Virus

If your operating Windows system has been corrupted by random audio ads, you need to inspect the computer for potentially existing infections. According to researchers, it is quite possible that it is the devious Rootkit.Boot.Harbinger.a which has taken over your personal computer. If you do not remove the threat from the PC soon, there is a great possibility that system security vulnerabilities will be exposed and more dangerous, clandestine threats will be infiltrated. Overall, in order to delete random audio ads which keep interfering with your day-to-day tasks, you firstly need to figure out what malicious programs are running on the PC. Please continue reading the report to learn how to locate and remove dangerous computer threats. Read more »



CryptoLocker is one of the most clandestine infections you may discover running on your operating Windows system. The malicious threat can corrupt your personal computer if certain security cracks are discovered by cyber criminals. Social engineering scams, misleading advertisements, bundled downloads and other vulnerabilities could be used to drop the threat without any of your knowledge. Nonetheless, the threat is usually distributed with the help of infected PDF attachments within spam emails. It has been noticed that the names of UPS, FedEx and other trusted companies could be used to trick you into opening these emails and their attachments. Read more »

There are all types of computer infections out there and some of them do not even need to infect your computer directly to reach their ultimate goal – your money. is a malicious web domain that paralyzes your browser and does not allow you to access other websites under the pretense that you have violated several laws. Needless to say, that all the accusations listed on the notification are false and you need to exit the malicious window once you notice that your safe internet browsing experience has been compromised. Read more »


Mal/BredoZp-B is a highly dangerous computer infection which you should remove once your computer security tool detects it. Mal/BredoZp-B spreads over the Internet via spam email attachments, and if you want to prevent similar or even more dangerous threats in the future, do not open spam emails and do not even think of downloading the files attached to the electronic letter. A link in a spam letter may also execute a computer infection once you click on it, so if you care about the performance of the system and your own privacy, act wisely when dealing with electronic letters from unknown senders. Read more »

Australian Federal Police Ukash Virus

Australian Federal Police Ukash Virus

There are numerous different Australian Federal Police Ukash Virus versions. The clandestine ransomware has been developed by cyber criminals to trick Windows users into thinking that their PCs have been locked by the police. It is stated that in order to restore access to the operating system you need to pay a certain sum of money which is listed as a legal fine. Since the Australian Federal Police, or AFP, is the most reputable Australian law enforcer schemers behind different ransomware Trojans have utilized the credentials of this organization multiple times. As researchers have discovered the logos of AFP have been employed to aid Urausy, Flimrans, Reveton and other ransomware. Please continue reading to learn how to remove Australian Federal Police Ukash Virus from the PC. Read more »