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Carabinieri Virus

If you have discovered that your computer has been locked by Carabinieri Virus, it is important that you remove the clandestine Urausy Trojan which has corrupted your operating Windows system. The malign infection itself does not have an interface; however, it presents a screen-locking notification. This is where the name of the ransomware derives from. This warning notification is completely bogus and you should pay absolutely no attention to it. Even though the credentials of Polizia del Comunicazioni, Cyber Crime Unit, Internet Police, CNAIPIC and Copyright Alliance are intimidating, we can guarantee that they have been attached illegally. None of these agencies/organizations have anything to do with the lock-down of your personal computer! It is all schemers and so Carabinieri Virus removal should be performed as soon as possible. Read more »

Reminder Your computer is not

If your browsers are flooded with ‘Reminder Your computer is not’ pop-up notifications, we recommend that you refrain from clicking on them. Even though the advertisement could present a reliable Windows backup, it is also possible that it will route you to corrupted websites and will push you into installing highly questionable software. As you may know already, schemers often utilize pop-up notifications, advertisements and other offers to expose security backdoors and drop malware without any of your n. Needless to say, if your Firefox, IE, Chrome and other popular browsers are already being flooded with pop-ups, there is a possibility that clandestine adware has been infiltrated. You must beware of all advertisement-supported programs, and it is essential that you remove ‘Reminder Your computer is not’ related malware. Read more »

Gobierno de España Virus

Gobierno de España Virus is a malicious ransomware infection which can affect operating Windows systems which are unguarded by authentic Windows security tools. The clandestine ransomware is a malicious Trojan in disguise, and this threat could have been dropped onto your personal computer days before the disturbing attack. As soon as schemers drop the infection using drive-by download or social engineering scams, the malicious files can be used to download malware, remove access to the Task Manager, modify the Windows Registry, discover where you live and corrupt your Windows desktop with an appropriate alert. If you live in Spain, the notification paralyzing your computer will indicate that Europol, Gobierno de España and Ministerio del Interior have locked your personal computer for legal purposes. This is not the truth and we urge you to delete Gobierno de España Virus as soon as possible. Read more »


JS/JavaBlacole.A is a malicious script which is used to exploit system vulnerabilities of the computer that connects to a malicious website. You may access a corrupted website via spam email links, suspicious advertisements, and in other ways. Very often Java Exploits are injected on legitimate websites without the owner’s knowledge. When JS/JavaBlacole.A can access the system, various malicious programs may be downloaded surreptitiously. If you do not have a reliable security tool, but notice that the computer is not working properly, you should implement a spyware removal tool in order to detect and remove computer infections. Read more »

FBI Virus

FBI Virus

If you have following the computer security news you probably know that FBI Virus has been one of the most prominent infections in 2012. Consequently, it does not seem to give up the position in 2013 as well. There is a great number of FBI Virus versions, all localized for a particular country and distributed by a number of Trojans, including Trojan.Urausy, Trojan.Reveton, Trojan.Revoyem and a list of others. FBI Virus in general is a ransomware program which locks down your computer, and then displays a fraudulent screen-sized notification which is supposed to convince the terrified computer user that he has been involved in criminal activity. Read more »


If you have opened the Task Manager and discovered mrprotection.exe running on the computer, you need to remove this file as soon as possible. If you have not witnessed it already, the malicious file is linked to a vicious rogue anti-spyware program which uses a deceptive PC scanner to lure out your money. Needless to say, the rogue does not run on one file, and so there is a chance that tens of devious components are running on the system without your knowledge and authorization. If you do not delete all of the malign components from the computer, soon enough you could be flooded with fictitious information related to your virtual security and malware removal. Please continue reading to learn how to remove mrprotection.exe related malware from your own Windows system. Read more »


Securitywindrv.exe is a malicious file which is part of several Trojan horses that are known as screen lockers or ransomware. The size of the file is 32.5 KB, and it is usually added to the %APPDATA% directory. Due to the fact that securitywindrv.exe belongs to the ransomware infection, you may not access it that easily. In order to remove the malicious file, you should implement a powerful spyware removal tool, which will remove securitywindrv.exe and many other files that have been spread in the operating system. Read more »

Il computer è bloccato ISP Virus

Il computer è bloccato ISP Virus

Il computer è bloccato ISP Virus is definitely something that will make you aware of its presence immediately. It is a ransomware infection that affects computer users in Italy. The reason why you get infected with this program is money, and Il computer è bloccato ISP Virus tries to steal your savings by trying to make you think that you are paying a fine in order to unlock your desktop. You definitely have not committed anything this ransomware accuses you of, so you will do yourself a favor by removing Il computer è bloccato ISP Virus from your system right now. Read more »

CryptoLocker Virus

CryptoLocker Virus

CryptoLocker Virus is a clandestine ransomware which encrypts files on the operating Windows system to lock-down the computer and demand a payment in return of the restored access to the PC. Even though this is an illegal schemers’ attempt to collect money, many careless, unsuspecting computer users might think that making the payment is the only way out. This is because the lock-down of the system is represented with an intimidating warning. Unfortunately, the notification is generic, meaning that it could be used to scam Windows users all over the world. There is no doubt that you should remove CryptoLocker Virus from the operating Windows system as soon as you discover the disruptive infection on your PC. Continue reading to learn about the tricks of the infection and the removal tricks that you could use yourself.
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Computeren er låst af politiet Virus

Computeren er låst af politiet Virus is something that should not be allowed to remain in your system no matter what. It is a ransomware application and true to its category, it holds your computer hostage if you are a computer user in Denmark. Computeren er låst af politiet Virus basically pretends to be delivering an authorized message from the Police authorities of the Kingdom of Denmark, and the message is that you are a cyber criminal and you have to pay (literally). Remove Computeren er låst af politiet Virus as soon as you can avoid this frustrating experience of being infected with ransomware. Read more »