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How to Remove FBI Ransomware

The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation scam is not related to the actual FBI. This scam is an alert message saying that your computer cannot work properly because of using copyrighted contented without a permission of the author, viewing or sharing pornographic content, downloading videos, music or software, etc.  The alert also informs you that your computer is infected due to irresponsible use of your computer.
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KeygenGuru is a spyware cookie that is designed to track your personal information and Internet surfing patterns as you browse the web. KeygenGuru spyware is usually installed after visiting their website KeygenGuru(dot)com. This website is illegal because it gives out various serial numbers, cracks and patches for almost all programs. These patches allow bypassing activations prompts and running those programs with all features and no limits. Read more »


WinSpy is a Remote Administration Tool, or RAT, that monitors files, Internet activities, network traffic, and keystrokes. If you detect ansmtp.dll on your computer, you may be infected with WinSpy spyware. WinSpy installs without your knowledge. An attacker who has access to your hard-drive, can install WinSpy in the startup folder and will run the next time you log in to your computer. The attacker will get a Web-based interface that displays reports of all your computer activities. Read more »