Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque

What is Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque?

Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque is a message that you will see on your browser when you land on a web page with a corrupted javascript. The fake notification has been designed to scare users into believing that they have violated important laws and therefore they need to pay a fine, otherwise they will face criminal case. However, there is nothing real about Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque and you can make the notification disappear by closing your browser. If you think that there might be other threats installed on your PC, you should scan your computer and remove them as well.

Where does Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque come from?

Technically, Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque is not a malicious infection. It is a mere fake alert that is displayed on a corrupted web page. It means that even if your browser locked by Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque, your computer is not affected, and there are no malware files in your system. There are several versions of this fake alert, which can be classified according to the domain address and the notification language. For example, the web pages that display the message includes,; while the message could be displayed a variety of different languages – Viktigt Din Webblaesaren Blev Blockerad or Atencion Su Navegador Ha Sido Bloqueado Virus. The language of the notification depends on your location.

What does Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque do?

This fake alert affects all main browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. You will no longer be able to open new windows or tabs while Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque message is displayed. Although this fake alert does not infect your computer directly, the notification may still seem threatening. The problem is that if you get scared and start to panic, it might lead to undesirable consequences.

The most important thing is to ignore the message. Even though it says that you need to pay 100 euro via Ukash or PaySafeCard in order to avoid criminal case, this claim is an obvious lie, and by pay the “fine” you would only lose your money for good.

How to remove Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque?

Due to the fact that Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque is not present in your computer’s system, you can get rid of it the fake alert simply by closing your browser. In some cases, Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque does not allow you to close your browser properly. Then you need to open Windows Task Manager and force browser shut down. Once the browser has been closed, run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner just in case, to make sure that there are no unwanted and potentially dangerous applications installed on your computer.

How to close browser

  1. Right-click taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. Open Processes tab and click Show processes from all users.
  3. Right-click chrome.exe, firefox.exe or iexplore.exe.
  4. Select End Process Tree from drop-down menu.
  5. Click End Process on the pop-up confirmation box.

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