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Once you log onto, you are immediately greeted by alluring promises to save time and money whilst shopping online. Despite this, some sources suggest that DropDownDeals removal is something that needs to be done immediately because this application works in a highly suspicious manner. It has been discovered that the program is associated to Yontoo layer applications, which often administrate as browser hijackers and adware programs. Therefore, even if the program itself is harmless, you should keep in mind that it could be accompanied by truly deceptive and misleading programs. Read more »


Adware.Webalta is an adware application that performs forceful web browser redirections to a website called In order to keep on working efficiently this adware program can constantly connect to the Internet without your knowledge and download updates from Adware.Webalta can collect your personal information and transfer it to a third party for marketing purposes. Read more »

Do you receive annoying pop-ups offering to acquire a free music player? If you are directed to, then your PC is infected with This threat is an adware infection which you should remove from the system to protect your personal information and privacy. It has to be done urgently because the infection can collect your personal information. Not sure how to do this? Click on the download button below and download a free scanner to find out what infections are running in the background without you being aware if it. Read more »

Text Enhance

Text Enhance is an adware program that offers in-built advertising for publishers and advertisers. The program appears to be legal and it complies with international Internet security laws. The users who sign up for the service can use in-built links in their texts on blogs. For example, a link will be embedded in a general word (e.g. race), and if the user hovers his mouse above the word, an advertisement related to the word will pop up. Text Enhance also offers an opt-out service for those users, who do not wish to see the advertisements. Read more »


FunWebProducts is a website that can provide you with various free programs that can change your mouse cursor, add emoticons to your chat window or social networking accounts, provide you with a great variety of screensavers featuring various images, animations, etc. The programs downloaded from the website are said to be updated regularly, which is why you are expected to like them; however, Read more »

Alnaddy toolbar

There are a lot of websites that seem to be harmless while in fact they infect us with potentially unwanted programs. is that kind of website. It presents itself as the largest Arabic social site, offering news on tourism travel and various services, but the side effect is that Alnaddy toolbar gets installed on your browser the moment you land on this website, and little by little it starts affecting your Internet browsing activity. Read more »


Malicious adware programs, like CommonName, are meant to bombard you with false, misleading advertisements and trick you into falling for tremendously deceptive cyber criminals’ scams. You could be tricked into downloading encrypted malware setups or even spending your money on falsely advertised software, goods or services. Read more »


Adware:Win32/Adkubru is a malicious application that may affect Windows XP, 7 or Vista operating systems. The program may be propagated via highly surreptitious security cracks, including bundled or encrypted downloads, spam email attachments, social engineering and black hat SEO scams. It is also possible for the infection to be downloaded by already active infections, which means that after having Adware:Win32/Adkubru deleted you should also take care of other infections’ removal. Read more »


You may be told that Adware.SweetIM is “All About Fun”; however, if you install the SweetIM application to compliment your Windows Live Messenger, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers, you will need to start worrying about this ridiculous program’s removal and fun will be the last thing on your mind. The product supposedly can enhance messaging experiences and is meant to help you express yourself in the virtual space, and Read more »


The World Wide Web is not nearly as safe as you would imagine, and such devious programs as Codec-C could be infiltrated into your personal computer via countless security vulnerabilities. It is possible that this infection would hide behind suspicious links, spam email attachments, bundled downloads and other drive-by downloads or could be installed by already activated malicious programs within the computer. Read more »