What is Adware.SweetIM?

You may be told that Adware.SweetIM is “All About Fun”; however, if you install the SweetIM application to compliment your Windows Live Messenger, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers, you will need to start worrying about this ridiculous program’s removal and fun will be the last thing on your mind. The product supposedly can enhance messaging experiences and is meant to help you express yourself in the virtual space, and will state that all the company wants is to find a way for people to “enjoy their digital experience”. The intentions behind the browser add-ons may be good; however, that does not mean you should not delete Adware.SweetIM from the computer.

The malicious Adware.SweetIM usually installs itself through bundled downloads of such software as browser extensions, but that does not mean there are no other latent ways for the malicious program to enter your personal computer. Once the infection is installed within the operating system, your search results will be contaminated with advertisement-filled results, your will face constant web page redirections, and your home page will be switched without your consent.

Additionally, the infection will employ browser helper objects and all of your actions will be recorded and presented to the vicious schemers. Plus, there is no way to know if Adware.SweetIM cyber criminals will not be able to collect passwords or other sensitive information. Accordingly to the obtained information, you will be flooded with online ads which will represent online services, software and other goods that will interest you. However, you should not assume that these ads can offer you anything legitimate, and so it would be best if you ignored them.

If you do not want your online activity recorded and you understand the dangers behind malicious applications that could be hiding under the fictitious software advertisements, you need to implement automatic removal tools and have Adware.SweetIM deleted as soon as possible.

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