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Windows Processes Organizer

Despite the best efforts of the online security industry to warn its users about the dangers of allowing rogue security tools to run freely on their systems many PC owners continue to fall for the clever marketing campaigns employed by rogues such as Windows Processes Organizer. Windows Processes Organizer does not have the ability to detect or remove any type of infection or threat from a system. It makes use of seditious Trojans to root its infection into the system and will do its utmost in order to succeed in fleecing the user out of as much money as possible. Read more »

Antimalware GO

It can be easy to fall for the clever lies and extravagant marketing campaigns of rogue security tools such as Antimalware GO. This rogue antispyware application in particular is a destructive and harmful fake security tool out to fleece honest and hard working consumers out of their hard earned money. Antimalware GO does not have its professed ability to detect, quarantine or remove any type of infection or threats from a PC, but is in fact a malicious infection in itself. Read more »

Windows Express Settings

Windows Express Settings is a new threat to your computer security. It is a rogue antispyware which pretends to be a security program in hopes of luring out your money. Rather than fulfilling its promises, Windows Express Settings rips you off leaving you without the product you’ve been expecting to purchase. If that weren’t enough, the malware can also cause damage to your computer. Read more »

Windows AV Software

Many PC owners continue to fall for the hyped up marketing techniques employed by rogue security tools such as Windows AV Software. This rogue antispyware application was not designed to offer any benefit to a PC, but instead has the sole purpose of ripping unsuspecting consumers off. Although seemingly user friendly and genuine looking, Windows AV Software does not own the ability to identify, quarantine or remove any type of threat or infection from a system. Read more »

Windows Care Tool

Windows Care Tool just started spreading and will do everything within its power to try and make you believe that it is something which it is not. The reality of the situation is that Windows Care Tool is a malicious rogue antispyware application which will bombard you with false warning messages in an attempt to try and convince you that your computer has problems. The best thing which you can do is to remove Windows Care Tool immediately with the use of a removal tool which is effective. You need to fully understand that Windows Care Tool is capable of being able to block the user from accessing any computer security related websites as well as the factor that your own software on your computer may be blocked. Read more »

AntiVira Av

AntiVira Av is the latest fake antispyware application aimed at stealing money. It has been created by the developers of Antivirus .Net and other fake softwares which try to trick users into believing their computers have gone bad. The main problem with AntiVira Av is that it up to no good at all and will only do what it can to try and get you to part with your cash. Read more »

Windows Software Protection

PC users should be wary of Windows Software Protection because it is a malicious rogue antispyware which can enter your computer’s system any time. It might look like a genuine security program, but this application does not live up to the user’s expectations. You will be ripped off by Windows Software Protection before you know it. What is more, along with the money loss the malware will also reduce the performance of your computer. Read more »

Windows Health Center

Windows Health Center is a program, we discovered, that is being pushed around the internet to random computer users that have some trojan infection. In the event that Windows Health Center should gain access to your computer, you need to be prepared. You should always have up to date software as well as learn how to detect it so that you can delete Windows Health Center immediately from your computer system should the need arise. If you receive computer security notifications as well as vast amounts of pop ups then this could be a telling sign that your computer system is at risk. If you see a system scan which produces scan report results then this is a very high indicating factor that your PC is in fact infected with Windows Health Center. Read more »

Windows Antispyware Solution

Windows Antispyware Solution is a harmful rogue antispyware application out only to rip consumers off. It has no intention to live up to any of its over embellished promises, and will leave you with nothing more than an empty shell for your hard earned money. This harmful fake security application makes use of various nefarious ways to infiltrate its victims’ PCs, including fake malware scanners and bundled security updates and downloads obtained from third party websites. Browser hijackers are another popular way to spread the Windows Antispyware Solution infection, as they forcefully redirect users’ browsing sessions to their harmful sites where they seditious deposit the Windows Antispyware Solution Trojans into the host PCs. Read more »

Fake AVG AntiVirus 2011

The sad reality of Fake AVG AntiVirus 2011 is that it will never help your computer system no matter how much it tries to convince you of this. All the tactics which are used by Fake AVG AntiVirus 2011 are simply scare tactics which have been designed to try and make you believe that your pc is infected. We need to mention that nasty rogue program creators stole the name from a very popular and reputable program. Read more »